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UPDATE: The suspect was arrested after an RCMP vehicle that was crushed near Lethbridge


Coaldale RCMP arrested a man who, in Lethbridge County, Alta, took a police vehicle with a stolen truck.

Monday at 5:30 am The RCMP responded to a message from a man who went to the driver's seat, which had the white Dodge Ram 1500 placed on the farm yard 512.

"Coaldale RCMP has received many complaints about a similar truck that was previously stolen from the Picture Butte area," said RCMP news release.

"Complaints have also been received from the company about the white Dodge Ram truck that visits several rural locations, possibly stealing fuel."

When two RCMP officials arrived, the man woke up, placed the vehicle and lifted the hoist in front of the police vehicle, trying to squeeze it out, the police said.

The purpose of the new RCMP data entry system is to reduce rural crime in Alberta

The RCMP was looking for a suspect after they said that the RCMP SUV was hitched to the truck.

RCMP / Global News

Investigators say a second truck, the black 1993 Chevrolet was reportedly stolen near the recovery of the Dodge truck.

After the photos of the suspect camera were released, the RCMP said they were surprised by public advice.

Around at. At 16:20 Monday, it was reported that the stolen Chevrolet was seen in the Tempest area east of Coaldale.

The RCMP claims that they followed the eastern side of Lake Stafford, where the suspect crashed the vehicle and ran to the south of the lake and the residential area.

Gravity of the crime in the city of Alberta; Rural crime also: Canadian statistics

Mounti later placed a 32-year-old suspect in the garage and was arrested without incident.

As payments are being processed, the RCMP says that the man's name will not be released right now.

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