Wednesday , April 21 2021

Toronto police are investigating another 2 incidents in a scandal crossed by St. Michael's College School

Sv. The Michael College School has canceled football and basketball programs after hearing about "worrying" incidents, with the exception of those reported for the first time in November, including some police officers, on a prestigious Toronto privately-owned primetime president on Thursday.

Father Andrew Lewn mentioned incidents in a conference call with reporters, but refused to provide any information or say how many cases were sent to the police.

The Toronto Police confirmed that they were investigating two additional incidents that took place at the school, although the force would not confirm any details.

"The Sex Crime Unit has so far investigated eight incidents from St Mike's College School Const. Caroline de Kloet told the email at CBC Toronto.

"At this point the investigation is not yet up to date."

Schools have already shattered allegations of assaults and sexual assaults by students, some of which were perceived in videos and shared through social media.

Due to shocking video news, six students were convicted at the beginning of November, eight students were expelled, and school directors and the president are forced to step down.

"Truly Determine" the truth

Mr Leung said events leading up to the cancellation of basketball and football teams were announced last week in a statement to parents that raised concerns about the "overall dynamics" program.

Lewis said he was not worried about the conduct of other Michigan teams, or of school training staff. However, he said that the school at any time has the right to cancel other programs.

Leung said that the school is still "deeply committed" to revealing the truth about what is going on in the school, even if it's hard to hear. He also highlighted several other school activities, including but not limited to:

  • Independent School Exercise and Social Testing.
  • Anonymous reporting tools, including app and voicemail lines.
  • Compulsory seminars for students on awareness raising and respect.

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