Sunday , April 18 2021

Toronto City Council places the days when the two municipalities give up

TORONTO – Board members in Toronto should discuss whether to allow retail banking in the largest Canadian city.

City officials advise advisers to allow privately run cannabis shops to operate in Toronto, saying it could have unintended consequences in promoting an illicit market. "

This issue is on the agenda of today's council meeting, when advisers in two neighboring municipalities voted against the fact that there are bank shops within their borders.

Advisers from Mississauga and Markham voted on Wednesday to abandon the deployment of private retail cannabis shops that will be open all over Ontario next spring.

Mississippi Mayor Bonnie Crombie and Markham Frank Scarpitti both said that there were too many unanswered questions.

However, Toronto Mayor John Tory says he plans to move on a proposal to allow bank stores, while acknowledging that he is not happy with what is happening now.

"For me, the opportunity to argue that there will not be anyone in Toronto, will leave us in a situation where we are now, where we have many illegal shopping stores," Tory told the local TV channel CP24 on Wednesday evening.

"And I do not think we want it to be left out of organized crime".

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