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"Thinking of the Family": The man who found Thelm Krulles still has expectations, reveals a closure

Manitoba's husband, who was with his son when they were worried about the missing Winnipeg grandma, Thelma Krull last month, says he hopes the find will take Krulla's family.

Martsels Trudeau and his son, 27 October, searched for a forest in a hunting forest near Chemin Perrin Road, east of the 12th Highway, and north of 1st Highway, Taché Parish, southeast of Winnipeg.

Not far from the place where Trudeau lives in Ste. Anne, Man. But this is a remote area, he said. The brush is thick enough, he thinks that most people will not be able to catch trails.

Trudeau said his son had shot deer, and the couple thought they would hit it. They separated to check.

"I left in one small area and he went to another area," said Trudeau. "And then he cried out my name. He said:" I found something. ""

Trudeau and his son painted trees such as this, because they left the remains to catch the police later. (Gary Solilak / CBC)

They wanted to find Krul remnants. They were a little scared, they said Trudeau, so they left, noticing the trees when they went, so that they could return the police about 45 meters from the road.

They went to Ste. The Anna Police, who called the RCMP from Steinbach, about 15 kilometers away. RCMP went to Trudeau's home, and he took him to the place he noted.

"We finally found it, and then RCMP called some policemen in Winnipeg, I thought, and they left one of their cruisers there."

Searches from all Winnipeg

On Thursday, the Winnipeg Police confirmed DNA testing that the remains were recognized as a member of Thelma Krull, who was 57 when she disappeared more than three years ago.

When Trudeau learned that the police identified him, he said that he was thinking of his family.

"I just thought of the family … and they learned that they learned that it was her, and everything was finally closed.

Thelma Krull, 57 years old, seen in a photo not posted here, disappeared on July 11, 2015, when she went to walk in the Valley Gardens district. (Filed)

Vimblde's grandmother disappeared on July 11, 2015, leaving her home in Grassie Boulevard to go on a walk. She learned to move to the western coast of British Columbia.

Police believe that after Krull left her home on a Saturday morning, she visited a city park near the Kildonan Eastern College at about noon. 8.00, where she was involved in the conflict and was forced to leave.

Robert Krull, husband, on Thursday asked for privacy. He said he hoped that the findings would lead to justice.

The Winnipeg Police issued Civic Park and surrounding area maps, which saw two people on the day that Thelma Krull disappeared. (Winnipeg Police Service)

When Thelma Krull disappeared, her family and friends searched hundreds of people across Winnipeg, many who never knew him.

One of them was Bill McCausland. He was never satisfied with Krull, but he said he needed to help her search when he saw the news of his daughter's social media who asked for help.

"I've learned in essence that she was very energetic, very nice person," he said about Krull. "After all these search units, I've come across some of the friends who've brought us together."

McCausland said his efforts to help find Krull lead him to engage in other searches for missing people in Winnipeg.

"It was, for example, Thelma was me to search, and at that time there were other people who have disappeared, such as Christine Wood, so I also join these search units," he said.

"I would like to continue doing it. I only hope that many other people will not lose."

The police are asking for information

Thursday's press conference at Winnipeg Police Sgt. Wes Rommel said that the place where the remains of Krul were discovered – about 50 kilometers southeast of the place where she last saw Winnipeg – is likely to be part of her favorite province of her murder.

Trudeau said the territory is not where many people travel to. He said that the nearest house is about one and a half kilometers away. You can ride there, but the road is gravel before moving on to the dirt.

"As you drive, it's a lot of prairie with nothing around, and you suddenly get to these areas where it becomes more forested and more pride," Rommel said on Thursday. "I think this is a very significant piece."

Police also believe that Krull's killer was known in the Winnipeg area, where she disappeared – a person could live or work there, or had any other reason.

At the 2016 press conference, the police said they had received a type for the potential dangers of Krull with a man near the gas station near Kimberley Avenue and Gateway Road since her disappearance morning.

At that time, they published human sketches, described as a foot, eight inches and 270 pounds with a bowl of hairstyle.

On Thursday, Rommel said that the suspect was still "an important point of investigation," but the police are now considering "external opportunities."

Trudeau said that in the area where he and his son found the remains of Krulla, it was about 45 meters from the road, in a remote location with a thick brush. (Gary Solilak / CBC)

The police instruct anyone living in the Valley Gardens district in July 2015 to contact investigators with all the information they can.

They also demand that those living in an area where it was discovered that the Tomb's remains communicate with them about something suspicious that they could withdraw from the summer of 2015 or any other information that might help investigators.

Police murder unit continues to investigate.

Everyone with information is asked to call the police on 204-986-6508 or the crime stopper 204-786-TIPS (8477).

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