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The Walking Dead season for the 9th season was the lowest in the season

The Walking Dead was able to enjoy the best episode over the years, but Episode 8 of Season 9 was the lowest mid-term final in the history of the show.

Evolution, which saw the death of Jesus and the discovery of Whisperers, managed a total of 5.1 million viewers.

For comparison, the 8th season midseason finale (where Carl Grimes revealed his dad Rick that he was kno) was 7.89 million.

The Walking Dead, The Last Picture of Jesus, Tom Payne


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The good news is that season 9 episode 8 rose from last week (4.79 million), and if we are fair, the ratings are still very strong for the cable television exhibition of the ninth year and are forced to cope with the loss of it. lead character.

Showrunner Angela Kang explained the decision to kill Jesus saying that they wanted "something epic" to mark the arrival of Whisperers.

"[Jesus is] a person whose life really matters to everyone in this group and to the people who are left behind. They will have a big impact. It has a big impact on the story, "she said.

Going to death in the 9th YES


Jesus actor Tom Payne also acknowledged that he was happy to leave the show after growing frustrated with how his TV character was written over the past two seasons.

The AMC has released the trailer for the second half of the ninth season, showing more Whisperers performance, a flashback hint, and a potential brief moment at Whisperers leader Alpha.

The Walking Dead come back Sunday, February 10th for AMC USA and most likely on Monday, February 11th FOX UK. You can also get a view using NOW TV.

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