Sunday , March 26 2023

The valve marks the steam plans in 2019


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As part of the long 2018 report published today, Valve outlined the improvements made to Steam in 2018, and then emerged as the company's internal crystal ball to look into the future.

If everything goes according to plan, it will be a big year for Steam. But that is Valve, a company whose main contribution to physics is Valve Time, so it's pretty big.

There are many numbers. In 2018, Valve said Steam had 47 million daily active users, 90 million monthly active users, and a maximum of 18.5 million simultaneous users. Valve also talked about the results of more concrete efforts, such as joining the recent (and long overdue) moderation team, which has since experienced 113 290 reports – "most of them were solved less than a day." the problem is almost solved, but it sounds like progress.

Although Valve is known for hand ending in his shop, Valve said that last year the review team "processed 46,200 review requests, played 11,111 games (or DLC), and reviewed 17,448 store pages." "Iffy" games still broke through the cracks, but the world is now safely protected from such obvious trolls as Big Dick and MILF Valve is a little more attentive. The company also mixed with over 44 million help tickets – a big improvement over the dark age of Steam support.

As for the future, Valve has outlined eight changes it intends to send this year. These include improved store discovery, including a new algorithmic engine of engines and new broadcasting and curating functions, a redesigned steam library based on the new Steam chat version, launching Steam China, a new event system, Steam TV support for all games, new Steam chat mobile app, extended Steam Trust system to determine if players are fraudsters, and an official Steam PC cafe program.

Many of these things sound interesting if nothing else, and I look forward to seeing daylight on paper *, day, month and possibly annual TBD.

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