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The snake snake is recovering, but ′ is not yet in the forest ′ | News | DW


The pet found in the tick-borne Queensland swimming pool is recovering at the animal hospital after the parasites have been destroyed by veterinarians.

The carpet python was found in the courtyard of Coolangatta on the Gold Coast with a snake catcher Tony Harriso, who said the snake penetrated the pool, trying to drown ticks.

The snake was taken to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital for treatment where veterinarians checked it and took out all the ticks for several hours.

Python Ticks (Facebook / Currumbin Wildlife Hospital Foundation)

Ticks used Australian python as breeding ground

Not "yet from the forest"

The hospital said the ticks had left a python, which they called "Nike" suffering from anemia.

"Nike is also a nasty infection that could have caused his movement, allowing ticks to use it," said the hospital. "Nike is not yet a forest, but we hope that he will recover completely and be released in the wild in the coming months."

The hospital thanked for the many benefits that were sent to the snake on its Facebook page on Monday.

Stephen Barker, Queensland University, professor of parasitology, said that males are attracted to a reptile when they expect them to be with a woman.

He added that dropping a tick would take ten to twelve hours.

Nike python with ticks in his face (facebook / Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher)

Nike was found ticks when he was found

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