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The province claims it will restore the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital in Grimsby

The province says it will set up a new hospital in Grimsby and provide an emergency crash of $ 8.5 million.

Grimsby's heart is here.– Sam Oosterhoff, Niagara West PC MPP

Premier Doug Ford started announcing on Wednesday. He said a $ 500,000 investment would be invested in the province to restore a hospital locally known to the surgical and obstetric divisions. And when a new hospital is built, the province will help pay.

"We are about to build the hospital for you," Ford said.

"You have the best front line health care staff – nurses, doctors, support staff here in Niagara. They are all fantastic, but you need the equipment that will help you do your job as best as possible."

Dougs Ford says with Johnny Johnston, Grimsbylder, before the announcement of the West Lincoln Memorial Hospital. (Samantha Crags / CBC)

Ford said that surgical and obstetric services would not be taken out of the hospital because they feared that people living in this area for more than two years, starting from the new year.

The Ontario PC government also said they would pay $ 8.5 million for "immediate infrastructure improvements", but the province and Hamilton Health Sciences (HHS) are planning a new hospital soon.

These improvements are "very important," said Rob Hamilton, Health Sciences (HHS) president Rob MacIsaac. The hospital needs about $ 8.6 million to restore surgical equipment to meet certain Canadian accreditation standards.

Dougs Ford announced the Grimsby Hospital's money. From left: Health Minister Christine Elliott, Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff, Ford and Infrastructure Minister Monte McNaughton. (Samantha Crags / CBC)

In addition to other improvements, the hospital needs electrical enhancements as well as better air handling, communication and fire alert systems.

"There are important infrastructure systems that threaten critical failure," said MacIsaac.

In early November, the HHS asked the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care for money saying that the hospital should immediately improve the renovation "to maintain patient safety."

Ford's announcement led to relief in a community worried that it would lose its hospital. Signs that read "Save and modify", in the row along the city streets. Hamilton City Council Winona, Glanbrook and Stoney Creek also talked about the role of the hospital.

"There are important infrastructure systems in place where there is a risk of critical failure," says Rob MacIsaac, Hamilton Health Sciences. (Samantha Crags / CBC)

The signs supporting the rescue of the hospital are around Grimsby. (Samantha Crags / CBC)

Niagara West MPP Sam Oosterhoff says he is hearing every day with people worried about the future of the hospital.

"Grimsby's heart is here," he said. "I was born myself here, many thousands of children were born here. People come here according to their needs, whether they are damaged wolves or diabetes or X-ray. This is not only the heart of Grimsby but also the wider Niagara region."

Ford was not timed out, but Oosterhoff said the province would "blade" by 2022. "This will happen at our clock," he said.

"Christmas came early," said Oosterhoff. "I'm incredibly happy."

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