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The new release date for Batman Movie in June 2021

No more Ben Affleck as Batman, but the new movie comes.
Photo: Warner Bros.

The next Batman release date is June 25, 2021. And the franchise is farewell to Ben Affleck.

As previously announced, Matt Reeves writes and manages a film that is currently named Batman, which will focus on a newer version. The deadline broke the news and, according to its report, "Affleck worked hard Batman the story, but knew he wasn't the one for this particular version. Looking for a new dark knight. ”

Affleck even confirmed it on Twitter.

Also, the new front of the DC is just a few weeks Batman, the second Suicide Commands movie called Suicide Team Will open on August 6, 2021. The movie James Gunn is currently writing and thinking about the leadership you read about here on io9.

But wait, there is more. DC is also dated with a movie called DC Super pets opened on May 21, 2021.

My first trip here is that Warner Bros is strongly demanding summer 2021. It believes that it is preferable to leave before any official Marvel statements, because we will be patiently waiting for news after Avengers: Endgame. And with great success Aquaman, it is more than welcome.

Batman that's what we read. Writing was on the wall for Affleck and has been for several years. Even the release date, though new, was cut off in an interview with Matt Reeves with a Hollywood Reporter, where he talked about the film as a detective story with a large scam gallery.

The next is Suicide Team which is a curious name when you first hear it. Then you remember that Gunn, who was involved with Marvelu, ignited him, solved this franchise from an entirely new perspective. He is reportedly not considered a David Ayer movie or Birds of prey. That is why it is not a “suicide command 2.”. The word is not yet if he decides to push.

Which relates to DC Super pets? Well, it is run by Jared Stern and Sam Levine and is produced by Patty Hicks, according to Hollywood Reporter. Stern was one of the writers Lego Batman movie and Wreck-it Ralph, but Hicks has been working on animated movies going back to Disney Beauty and the Beast. This means it seems to be an animated movie (which Collider first reported last summer), but was not approved in this latest update.

A great news day for DC fans. What do you think?

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