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The Kawhi Leonard season's high 37 point runs Raptors in the past Warriors OT

TORONTO – The night, which is considered a potential preview of the NBA finals, surely lived until its settlement Thursday.

Kawhi Leonard scored 37 points, his best as Raptor to lead Toronto his seventh straight victory, a thrilling 131-128 overtime defeat twice in the NBA defending champion Golden State.

Pascal Siakam, who, until the last minute of the third quarter, did not miss the spirit, added 28 points to leader Raptors (19-4). Sergey Ibaka is upset by 20, Danny Green has 13, Jonas Valanciunas has added 12, and Kyle Lowry finished with 10 points and 12 assistants,

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Kevin Durant won 51 points – his third consecutive 40-point game – Stephan Carrie is missing the lead in the Golden State team (15-8). Klay Thompson was 23.

The Raptors had lost eight straight to the Golden State, but it was before Leonard, and now Toronto is talking about the East. The matchup called on Thompson to recommend the night was a potential preview in the June NBA finals.

For the most awaited night – in the rare USA television game and Warriors, the only regular season trip to Toronto – fulfilled the promise. Raptors exaggerated the starting point by 18 points, and for the most part kept the double-digit advantage while Durant was no longer in the third quarter.

Durant won the Warriors for the last 13 points in the quarter, including three points from the middle of the Rattori logo at the zummer, which cut the Toronto control to 96-88, and created the final frame that is from your place.

Thompson beat the 9-0 Warriors, which dragged visitors to two points with eight minutes to play. But Raptors re-started his way back and when Green rebounded three at 4:42 to play, it exceeded the 8-0 win, which increased Toronto's 10 again, resulting in an exciting boom from the Scotiabank Arena mines, which included Toronto Maple Leaf coach Mike Babcock, Drake and UFC Lightweight Champion Max Holloway.

Laura excited the thrill with only three points that came in the awkward last minute rule, while Durant responded with his two, while the second dungeon linked the game to 8.6 seconds to play and send overtime.

At night there was a post-season buzz, and the fans stood for an extra period, escaping when Rabbit came down three with 2: 7 to play to Toronto to top three. With 22 seconds left, and Raptors chained three-point lead, Andrej Iguadala had a clear path to the basket, but was whistled for travel, and Sjak stunned the victory with three free shots in dying seconds.

The death nurse, of course, was dressed in honor. The Raptors trainer was wearing a shiny kingdom blue dress for Sager Strong at night, honored late by NBA Craig Sager, who is known for his colorful costumes.

Leonards won the match for the perfect match between 6 and 6 in the regular season and tournaments against the golden country from 2014-2015. The season, on average 20.1 points, 6.9 rebounds, 2.4 assists and 2.1 thieves per game.

At the same time, the curry sat on the spiked adductor (the groin). The double NBA MVP has not played since November 8, but is expected to return on Saturday in Detroit. Also, Warriors lacked Draymond Green (toe trauma).

The Raptors will receive another Golden State opportunity soon – Warriors live in Toronto on December 12th.

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Although Raptors before the game's golden mantra "just another game," Warriors trainer Steve Kerr said it was not an ordinary night.

"It seems to us different, if we know we will play one of the best teams in the league, in the mass media we are used to fans outside the hotel," Kerr said. "(But), we know well what we are playing and what we can see later, and tonight is definitely one of those games."

In the first quarter, Raptors seemed not to have missed, as Leonards, Siakam and Ibaka played 12 to 12 and Toronto shooting 72%. Raptors rose to 18, and resulted in 38-25 to end the quarter.

The Warriors pulled out eight points with 21-10 driving in the second, and Raptors scored half the time to split 67-58.

The Warriors game was the second tricky part of the Raptors. Only four of their next 14 appearances are coming to the teams with losses, including two against Cleveland.

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