Sunday , April 11 2021

The Ford government says that hemp stores must go in step with a lottery license

The Government of Ontario says it plans to take a "step-by-step approach" to launching retail cannabis shops, first issuing only a handful of licenses.

On Thursday night's statement in the province says it will issue up to 25 licenses before the first day of retail trade on April 1.

It says the Ontario Alcohol and Gambling Commission will introduce a lottery system to determine who is eligible for the original license and the results announced in January.

The Provincial Tory government says it was forced to take a gradual approach because of the "serious supply shortage" that can be found in cannabis shops across the country.

The announcement comes on the same day as Toronto and Ottawa board members voted to allow private retail stores to open up.

The only legitimate way that Ontario's population is currently buying entertaining weeds is the Government's Ontario Cannabis Store website, which has its own disadvantage.

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