Thursday , March 4 2021

The Ford government claims that it has not yet decided on the future of the Mississauga LRT $ 1.5 billion

The Ontario PC government has confirmed to Mississauga News that the future of the planned LRT line on Huronario Street, which connects Port Kredes GO to the Brampton Gateway terminal, is still unclear.

On Tuesday, the opposition NAP issued a statement saying it was concerned about the future of a $ 1.5 billion project, which is scheduled to be completed by 2022. Ontario Transport Ministry responded to NDP communications by email in The News a short time later.

Missouri Hurontoria St. LRT design concept artist artist.
Missouri Hurontoria St. LRT design concept artist artist. (Twitter / HurontarioLRT)

"We must eliminate the ineffectiveness of the previous liberal government and make sure that we invest in efficient and effective transit projects that best fit our customers – Ontario taxpayers. Our decisions will be based on what is best for the GTHA population, including the Peel region," said the ministry press Secretary Justine Lewkowicz, when asked if the planned project is being considered for cancellation.

NDP transit critic Jessica Bell accepted the government to answer the question about the time on Tuesday, when she stated that the recent meeting with the Ontario Transport Ministry had not inspired confidence in the future of the Mississauga LRT line.

"After meeting with representatives of the ministry, where they refused to stop rumors that the government was planning to cancel the planned electrification of Huronario LRT and GO, I gave Doug Ford a second chance to record the record fairly," Bell said.

"Instead of explicitly saying that these projects are still on Ford's agenda, the minister responded with vague perceptions that are not even mentioned in the projects for which I am explicitly asking the question," she added.

As long as the Ford government did not say that it would probably ruin the project, it seems Bell's concerns about such an opportunity were not without merit.

Before government response Mississaugh's Mayor Bonnie Crombie said last Tuesday, she hopes the project will continue, as planned, and has high expectations.

"The government of Ontario has not indicated that the project is not going on. Premier Ford undertook to finance Huronario LRT and other transit projects during the provincial election campaign. I look forward to working with the Prime Minister and his government to move Mississauga forward and see through this transformative project that will create jobs. and will allow people to travel through Mississauga and GTA, "she said.

The government announced that it would discuss this issue with partners and stakeholders in order to determine the best direction.

"Our government is committed to improving people's transit experience throughout the GTHA to make people move and make life easier for Ontarians. We are committed to providing a modern transit system that will serve the growing communities of the region, promote economic development and reduce traffic congestion," Lewkovič said.

Graeme Friske is a reporter with Mississauga News and Brampton Guardian. E-mail: [email protected]

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