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The fire wipes out most of the donations from the Community Food Distribution Association

For example, Walter, Director-General of the Community Association of Food Communities, says he has been devastated to see how the warehouse is damaged. (Lukas Wall / CBC)

The largest food bank in Newfoundland and Labrador has lost most of its food in its main warehouse until Wednesday morning on fire.

"In fact, it's devastating because, you know, we don't have any food," said Eg Walters, Director General of the Community Food Distribution Association.

"We don't even have one soup with soup that we could distribute."

The association serves as a central donation and supplies food banks across the province, and the waste and water destroyed stock is only part of the loss.

"We've definitely lost our warehouse space, and with the damage done there, it's definitely not ready to be taken over soon," Walters told reporters in front of the building.

The warehouse of the Community Food Distribution Association, located at the back of Topsail on the back of this building, suffered damage on Wednesday. (Lukas Wall / CBC)

He previously told the CBC that there was no injury for which he was grateful.

Fire closed Topsail road

Sv. John's regional fire service arrived immediately after noon. 9:30 on Wednesday for Topsail Road Warehouse.

All four of the Topsail lanes were closed for about an hour. Some fire teams went back and left around 10:30, while Newfoundland's power and King Newfoundland's constitution remained on stage.

Crews check for damage to the warehouse. (Lukas Wall / CBC)

Before the fire department left the warehouse, efforts to increase donations to the association began.

MP Seamus O & # 39; Regan said his staff would collect donations to their nearest electoral office in Topsail Road until the building was closed.

Walters said the fire was ruined, but said that the long road to stock recovery has already begun.

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