Sunday , April 11 2021

The court has decided to close at least 28 illegal cannabis cars in Vancouver

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A British Columbian judge issued a Vancouver city in the fight against illegal cannabis shops, giving the city center an order to immediately close 28 or more stores disqualified from obtaining a business license in accordance with a historic patent that was adopted three years ago.

The decision of the Provincial Chief Justice Christopher Hinkson on Thursday resolved Vancouver's right to begin to restrict the large number of these illegal locations and rejected the allegation by business owners that the city violated its jurisdiction to regulate the sale of medicines on the domestic market, which is a federal issue.

"Retail cannabis cars can cause health, safety, social disturbances and the effects of youth, but like any other company operating in the municipality, cannabis ambulances can cause conflicts of land use that will affect the local economy and the nature of the neighborhood," he said. "The critical facts in this procedure are beyond dispute: every non-state respondent admits that there is a retail store selling cannabis products, there is currently no business license required … and that each of them works that does not comply … the city zoning law . "

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Many of the legal blocked stores were unable to provide a license because they are located 300 meters from another, or a school or community center that violates Vancouver laws.

He refused to decide whether the Ottawa ban on clinical cannabis selling, which remains valid for drug trafficking, violates the Patients' Charter for Sensible Access to Drugs. Lawyers for guilty shops argued that a large number of illegal ambulances in the whole country a couple of years ago was the result of a "vote by" patient after the federal government did not allow people to buy medical marijuana personally.

Katherine Holm, the city's chief licensing officer, said in a Thursday interview with The Globe and Mail that Vancouver was very satisfied with the ruling, and that the 28 insulting shops should immediately shut down or enforce judgments, prison times, or both.

"We work with details; we will develop and implement a plan to ensure compliance with this ruling," she said two hours after receiving the verdict.

From this year on June 25, the city was issued 3,244 tickets for 2.4 million dollars for shops, and these payments to the city had to pay, said the judge.

"It is very useful and we are very glad to see that this was decided – so we will continue to expect such fines to be paid and charged," said Holm.

Despite the continuing manifestation of the cannabis industry in the Canary Islands, B.C. There are only a few retail outlets licensed to sell cannabis.

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There were 14 bidders in Vancouver across the provincial licensing barriers, and has approved four more places that comply with city regulations, which means they are waiting for a final decision from B.C. before opening

John Conroy, one of the leading attorneys for offending stores, said he was disappointed with the decision and the refusal of the judge to assess the constitution of the current medical marijuana system.

He said he is currently considering the possibility of challenging this gap in access to medical marijuana sales outlets at the Federal Court, where he and another team had previously forced Ottawa to allow authorized patients to grow their cannabis plants.

With regard to the shops mentioned in the order and all the others who are open without a blessing in the city hall, Mr Conroy said that the authorities now have the legal right to exclude them. But he said that he hoped the city would give a certain amount of discretion and allow operators such as B.C. The Liberty Club Society, which was illegally discovered in 1997, remains open and serves its patients.

"I expect that those who do not have history and reputation and credibility and who may not be strictly medically can close them," he said. "Hopefully the police and authorities can distinguish between those who are and those who are not."

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