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The company must be protected from "violent, manipulative" 14 years of age, said the judge

WARNING. Some of the data below can be a source of fear for readers.

CORNER BROOK, NL. – The boy is only 14 years old, but his victim was even younger.

In September, he prompted the 12-year-old girl to leave the building, where he and other young people were beating and kicking him and holding a stick in his neck.

Then he calmed him in the unconscious.

Now the Newfoundland judge ordered the boy to have safe custody and supervision for 10 months – less than 30 days already worked.

Judge Wayne Gorman acknowledged the restless life of the boy – he suffers from partial fetal alcohol syndrome and was taken out of his parental custody before he was an old man because of their attention and drug use.

But Gormans rejected Crown and the suggestion that the boy should protect his safe arrest – the judge said he was simply not ready to return to society.

"Rehabilitation of new offenders is one of the main objectives of the Law on Criminal Justice in the youth, but it is not just the aim of the law. In this case, the goal of public protection needs to be emphasized," Gorman said in his decision on his conviction this month.

"He is only 14 years old and he desperately needs treatment and controlled control."

The boy's guardian grandmother said she had limited control over the boy and was afraid that he would be able to do both for himself and others when he left.

He pleaded guilty, but the judge said that he did not show any obvious regret and he suffered from violence and disturbances – described by one official as "uncontrollable, violent, manipulative youth, without worrying about how his actions affect the people around him or him respect for such court orders. "

He had 125 "behavioral incidents" in grade 7 and grade 66, grade 8, when he was only at school on an hourly basis.

The psychological report states that the boy said that he was involved in "more struggling and beating than he can remember. He claimed that he had dragged and killed others to hit his opponent on the ground and sometimes go into street fighting for no other reason rather than satisfaction. "

Gorman's sentence involves a series of crimes this year – including windows to break and steal lottery tickets from the Corner Brook Mall kiosk.

But this was the September 21 incident in which most of the judge's attention was drawn.

The boy and some other children left school and went to the abandoned building, where they began attacking a 12-year-old girl who they thought was a "rat".

A knife came to her neck, she was told that he was on the road, and she was thrown out. She was told that the building was "a good place to kill someone" and that her body could not be found.

The 14-year-old boy seemed to choke her while she was leaving, and she forced the condenser with a knife against her chest.

When he returned to school on a trip, he told him that he would be killed if someone told him. He was arrested the next day.

The Crown and Defense advised the boy a six-month imprisonment detention and monitoring, with probation. But Gormans said that it would not help rehabilitating the boy – or protecting the community from him.

"(He) was involved in a deliberate and well-planned assault on a 12-year-old girl to accurately retaliate for what he considered to be a rat. (He) has little insight into his actions and has shown little if there is any regret He has not shown empathy to her, "said the judge.

"He threatens the community and his grandmother."

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