Saturday , April 1 2023

The British Columbia University can become the first university to afford smoking in the cafe


The British Columbia University in Canada can become the first university in the world to legalize coffee smoking in the campus and create special gazebos for this purpose.

Last month, after the legalization of the sale of cannabis and sewerage in Canada last week, the University Committee developed a policy project "Promoting Smoking and Smoking Products in the Campus."

The policy project is devised for discussion in the community, and the final call can be made in February.

"We believe that when you commit a crime to someone engaged in any type of activity, all you have to do is to refrain from underground behavior. However, this does not mean that everything and nothing can be decriminalized. Therefore, the policy will be taken into account that university campus has also survived. "Advisor to British Columbia University (UBC) Hubert Laid told PTI in an e-mail interview.

Under the policy, cannabis smoking will be prohibited in any campus, except for designated smoking gazebos. Growing and selling cannabis will be banned from campus.

"A person on campus may not have hemp in excess of the federal statutory amount corresponding to 30 grams of dried cannabis or 450 grams of cannabis meals.

"Hemp can be stored at home in your private room in your bedroom, unless all storage containers are clearly labeled as containing a hemp or hemp product and are stored in a way that does not interfere with other people," Lai said.

Canoeing will not be allowed in classrooms, student residences, UBC cars, bus and other similar areas.

Under this policy, university staff must refrain from using any harmful substance, including alcohol and cannabis, during or before work.

"Although the medical authorization to use cannabis does not include the right to consume cannabis at work or in contact with work disorders, employees who have prescribed cannabis for medical purposes and seeking or requiring lodging have to consult their supervisor. Unauthorized or unapproved use of cannabis before or during hours of work time is not allowed and can lead to discipline, "said Lai.

"However, under federal law, persons over the age of 19 can divide or give cannabis to other people over the age of 19, unless the amount of cannabis released exceeds the amount that a person is allowed to hold," said Lai.

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