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The artifact's controversial card-for-money system has been so good

Picture: valve (artefact)

I am very pleased to play Valve's new card game, Artifact, since it was launched on Wednesday. It's amazingly easy to learn, and it's interesting from which to borrow Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering while doing something new. The game also treats its digital cards unusually, allowing people to buy and sell their cards. I was skeptical about this last bit, but I found it refreshing.

Artifact costs $ 20 and gives players 10 card packages that contain some of the games in the current 310 card. To get new cards, you can not crush the results of games to earn the right game or play the game. In fact, the game does not have a genuine progression system. The only way to get more cards is to spend money on the cards, and Valve gets every purchase. It has earned the game mourning on its Steam page, as the players' comments deny it for having to pay.

The most expensive game is Ax. At the time of writing, there are around 400 circuits in the Steam Marketplace with an average selling price of about $ 20. The map has a red giant with a huge axis. His impressive stat line includes seven assaults, two armor and 11 health. He is the beast in the first stages. The ax is very valuable ArtifactA & # 39; s meta-strategy strategy that has been slowly building since the closed beta. Prices for the card have fluctuated, reaching $ 30 on Wednesday, reducing teenage hours than returning upwards.

After some wild spitzs, the market price Ax seems to be even.

This volatility can be affected by the offer as more people open card packs or speculations from people who want to play the Steam Marketplace for quick profits. This is understandable, depressed. I want to buy Ax and I have struggled to find out the right payment. However, there is a silver lining: most of the cards are Artifact no ax

The game now has 310 cards. It's a bit more than basic Magic: The Gathering which is updated every year. When you open new packages, there are three types that indicate how much they can drop: often, less often and less often. The total spam card for new orders goes for $ 0.04. The unusual hero of the Viper goes for $ 0.07. The Knife's Reproductive Hunting goes for $ 0.47. Players have already created programs to determine how much they will cost to purchase the entire set at a particular time. This figure is around $ 300, but it fluctuates. Currently, you can buy all the usual and uncommon cards for less than $ 40. Buying some currently most competitive decks could cost $ 30 or more. You can effectively play with most of the cards in the game, exploring all your strategies and styles, very little compared to most other card games, including free-to-play games like Hearthstone, where serious players will be able to spend $ 200 to get most of the cards in a new expansion.

Unlike other digital card games, it is not possible to shred the free packages in an artifact.

Some players claim it Artifact no subreddit of game extraction. Although there is no way to pour new cards for free, Artifact is unique among digital gaming cards, allowing you to skip grinding and burglary boxes, spending some extra money. Today, I spent 15.92 dollars to create a black deck based on death letters and soothe my characters with strong items in the game. This has been believed to be playing, and it helped me to do well in the routine of the way I've experienced bridegrooming. It was also wonderful that you can simply buy cards instead of hoping for luck by opening the package after packaging. It was a relief that nothing should be done at the end of the week, as I would be Hearthstone.

This is a model that is familiar to all players Magic: The Gatheringwhere players can buy game sets when a new expansion attempt is or is expected and sold separately cards when they are further sold. As long as Artifact Each card costs less on average, and you do not need a copy of many of the most expensive copies. An Artifact the deck may only have one Ax card, but MTG decks may include no more than four copies of the rarest and most powerful cards.

It's not clear how to do it ArtifactIn the long run, the economy will drop out, the more card packages are open and the new players will stop joining their market, but there is another value to play now because there are no other digital card games: if I decide to stop playing, I can make cash from my collection and go. buy other steam games with it.

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