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Thank you, you can turn off Street Fighter V's new gaming ads because Yikes

Screenshot: Capcom

Street Fighter V since its arrival in 2016, has been frustrated from ruthless launching to computer software for gaming computers to install malware in the attic. The new capcom's new idea is to sculpt the entire game with ads, rotating everywhere the richest battleship franchise on the bench.

The decision to put "sponsored content" Street Fighter V was added to a recent update that allowed the folks to try the game without buying it until 19 December. The new ads that can be turned off in the options menu touch the Capcom Pro Tour logo everywhere, ranging from the strategic positions in each employee's clothing to the stage in which they are struggling. Leaving advertisements turned on, players will be able to receive a small amount of money in the game. Players who drop out of this feature are also subject to static, full-screen, downloadable content before the competition and even when they start learning.

While downloadable content ads are annoying and ugly, they are the characters that are most affected by this new initiative. Capcom has done its best to capture each of the battles with the catchy Capcom Pro Tour stickers, so they look like Nascar vehicles rather than separate, with iconic characters they are. For example, a person exchanges his traditional American flag tattoo tournament deck.

Screenshot: Capcom

On behalf of Capcom Pro Tour, Dhalsim's neck of children's skull was worn to honor young people in his village who got into the sauce.

Screenshot: Capcom

Some characters even have garments added to their clothes to create more space for their ads. Dhalsim, as you see above, has received the champion's belt along with the elegant Urien shown below.

Screenshot: Capcom

The most extreme example, however, is courtesy of Akuma. The classic Shin Shun Goku Satsu super-demons' fighters, ending with their back to the camera to show Japan's "heavenly cani", are now displaying the Capcom Pro Tour logo. It's hard to exaggerate how the iconic attack is in the battles community – Hajime "Tokido" Taniguchi, which put forward a prominent position in front of the projector in 2010 when it won an opponent with the movement, but I think that Akuma had too many real estate developers left without problems.

Screenshot: Capcom

To be honest, it is not a new phenomenon, at least when it comes to it Street Fighter V& # 39; s stages. In recent years, Capcom has downloaded downloadable content packs containing special arenas that highlight the importance of Capcom Pro Tour and are commonly used in major events. These stages have often been changed to display the Evo and Red Bull logos to match current competition. The proliferation of logos in the latest update raises new questions about the extent to which Capcom will go to promote brands. Street Fighter V system Now the Dahsim Necklace is an honorable Capcom that is weird in terms of context, but it would be even ridiculous to see the Red Bull logo there.

Street Fighter VNon-compulsory ads are an age-old product. Many video games no longer include experience requiring only the shelf price and nothing more, and instead there are regular services that continue to offer the player bonus content at a price. Street Fighter V is a $ 60 product, and so far the game just complements your wallet by offering more DLC destroyers. In-game ads are noticeable mainly in games with free games, not paid games.

Is this a sign of things that are the franchise that dominated the highest level in the world of wrestling? Do ads remain endemic to brands that are commonplace in the battlefield community (Red Bull is a frequent sponsor of the tournament) or will they eventually expand to things like burger king and Jones barbecue and foot massage? My pessimist thinks that the situation will only get worse here, but hopefully the reaction of the negative community will encourage Capcom to be more prone to the logos and how much they expect players to handle.

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