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Tesla CFO Deepak Ahuja resigns, ruled by Zach Kirkhorn

Tesla's recent Quarterly Quarterly 2018 Profit Invitation, the most striking update that the CFO Deepak Ahuja received for a long time announced the company's retirement. He will be followed by Zach Kirkhorn, vice president of electric cars, who has been with Tesla since the original Roadster Day.

The legendary CFO retirement statement was related to the end of the fourth quarter earnings call, and Executive Director Elons Musks thanked the CEO for his investment in the company. Deepak, in turn, also thanked Teslam for saying that the company has the best team in the industry. Despite the fact that Deepak leaves his position, the company will still have to play its role, but Elon Musks declares that he will continue to act as a "senior advisor" in "maybe the coming years".

This does not mean that Deepak could leave Tesla in a narrow strait. The company has deployed its second profitable quarter in a row, and the production of Model 3 has reached the point where the vehicle can be delivered on international markets. During a profit call, Deepak noted that he was optimistic about Zaha's takeover.

“I feel very good when Zach takes over. Over the years, he has proven himself to be a number of difficult tasks he worked for, ”he said.

Tesla's incoming CFO repeated Deepak's mood. During a recent profit call, Zach noted that he was expecting a reduction in the company's energy business.

“I am deeply involved in the major program of each company, from Roadster to… to expand our energy business and much more. I believe that we are starting with 2019 with a very strong financial basis. We have enough money to start new programs and develop new technologies, ”he said.

This is not the first time Deepak Ahuja left Teslu. In 2015, the financial veteran announced his departure from the electric car manufacturer. He was replaced by Jason Wheeler, Google's former financial vice president, who later retired from his financial director at Tesla to continue his interest in the public sector. After Wheeler's departure, Deepak retired to fill Tesla's CFO post in full time.

Deepak Ahuja is among Tesla's top executives who have been with the company since its inception. Before he worked for the electric car manufacturer in 2008, he had a rather comfortable position with Ford. In his presentation to Northwest University graduates, his alma mater, Deepak pointed out that Elonka Musk's vision, which eventually encouraged him to join Tesla.

“Meeting with Elon Muska and his vision of Tesla was a changing moment in my life. I felt excited about this opportunity in a way that I had never felt before, ”he said.

As Tesla's first Chief Financial Officer, he was one of the key managers who helped the company move through financial problems in 2008. He also helped Teslam with a successful IPO. After all, Deepak Ahuja's investment in the company is remarkable, and it would not be a step to say that Tesla would not be where it is without the legendary work of the CFO.

Together with Tesla's fourth quarter 2018 results, Deepak's departure seems to be negative on Wall Street. In writing, Tesla's stock (NASDAQ: TSLA) has fallen by 4.68% to $ 294.80.

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