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"Super Smash Bros Ultimate" is a massive monument to ourselves

The greatest thing about Super smash bros The series is its dedication to impact. Each time a blow, kick, slash, or explosive ground, it is a great chance that the victim floats, for example, a good superhero movie or anime. Each strike resonates with invisible force; smoke plums follow these cartoon characters as they take care of an environment that is almost ready to explode.

For the regular player Super smash bros always exaggerated as a balance with satisfaction and chaos: the pleasure of Nintendo's best and most interesting characters pummeling each other, struggling against disturbed items and bodies that are constantly pushed from one side to the other. It's like a ballet, just with the shape of your little brother's actions, and not dance, they are thrown to your television. Okay, maybe it's not like a ballet at all. But at its best moments it's graceful.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is the fifth repetition of the same basic idea. What happens when you combine Nintendo's most popular talismans together in a 2D battle game, highlighting the big, dramatic, silly game? The series director Masahiro Sakurai wanted to know, and in 1999 the original Super smash bros was born. What Ultimate completes this basic prerequisite at the casual player level. Ultimate is a sprawling, moving monument-Nintendo to make video games in general on their own.

Seventy-four play characters. Dozens of stages, covering almost every major franchise in video game history, either closely with Nintendo or not. Mega man; Metal gear; Last Fantasy; Hell, even the Sega icon and Mario archrival Sonic the Hedgehog are here. There are hundreds of remix music recordings, silent Easter eggs and collectible "Spiritus" based on each franchise character. Including game history Ultimate also includes Smash History: Every character from each version of the game is here, along with each stage and every song. It is archivism as a game design, an art history exhibition painted as a series of brawls.

In the same way, it is also a bit of a burden. Ultimate Introduces the guide through its encyclopaedic history. At the beginning, only eight playable characters are unlocked, and they are the first eight available in the original game in 1999. From there, the characters should be released by expanding the game. At regular intervals, you will be forced to swim with a new person, releasing them if you succeed and waiting for a repeat game (you will be able to stay in the menu) if you do not. There are ways to speed up this process, and it may take a few hours for a delicate, definite player. If the player is not so skillful or so patient, it can take a long time.

This problem manifests itself as a thrill with which I feel Super Smash Bros Ultimate-A game, after design, just scratched the surface and, most likely, just swell the surface. In many ways, it's impeccable, and just like its predecessors are one of the cleanest pleasures of motorcycles in the world of video games. The fight is polished with superb shine, and although its design is definitely the nuances of hardcore gamers, so that the average player who engages with friends is familiar, responsive and exciting. The struggles have gone up and shaken, and the extensive magazine offers an amazing level of variation. In short, it's fun.

But it also believes that it is almost capable of retaining itself, purging between its intentions as the object of the game and its appeals as a curiosity project. Its one-player game mode is completely nice Ultimate as a piece of the museum, and it makes them abundant, too careful, long-lasting content that provides memory without significant cost. The primary one-player mode of Light of the World is wrapped in a more collectible Alcohol than is reasonably counted, and although each of them serves as a good intention for a game SmashTheir repertoire, their large number and breed cause the mode balloon in all directions, pulling the pace and process.

And the slow one just does not really fit Super smash bros Sometimes, Ultimate Feel like an excursion around the playground – all the fun rides are surrounded by a red velvet ribbon. You can get to them, of course, but only if you use the approved path. The savage delight of the field is guarded by the controls around it, with the glory of the game's confidence in history, as a player's progression and an expressive gameplay aimed at reaching the game.

This may be of double interest Super Smash Bros Ultimate impressive And that does not completely stop the game from being overwhelming. But it also creates a dissonance that does not always work in the series. The history of video material is genuinely true, it is. But sometimes, I'm just here for stamping.

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