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SpaceX delays the launch of historic small satellites (again)

SpaceX delays the launch of historic small satellites (again)

SpaceX's first "Block 5" rocket launcher Falcon 9 stands on a launch site at the Canaveral Air Force Station in Florence before its second mission on August 6, 2018. The same rocket will take place for the third time no earlier than December 1, 2018.

Credit: SpaceX

SpaceX has again delayed the launch of the historic SSO-R driving sharing mission, on Wednesday (November 28th), it was intended to launch 64 small satellites with twice the Falcon 9 rocket.

The double SSO-A: SmallSat Express mission was designed to take off from the Wendenberg Air Force Base in California at Falcon 9 during the hours. 13:15. EST (1831 GMT) before leaving for a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean. If ultimately successful, it would be the third of these 5. Block Falcon 9 rocket booster – the historic first for SpaceX re-use rockets.

But now, the rocket and its small satellite family will be secured until at least Saturday (December 1), according to US Air Force 30. Wing in Wandenberg. "Launching SpaceX Falcon 9 SSO-A is delayed due to weather conditions," Space Wing wrote on Facebook. [SpaceX’s 1st ‘Block 5’ Falcon 9 Rocket: The Launch Photos]

SpaceX later added tweet that the delay was due to extremely high wind speeds and that the company would announce a new release date "once approved by the range".

This is the second month that the SSO-A mission has been delayed; An earlier attempt on November 19 was postponed, "to carry out additional pre-flight inspections," said SpaceX officials. SpaceX has not yet announced the announcement of today's delay.

According to Spaceflight, a mission-management service provider, not only the SSO-A mission will create a history of launching and unloading a re-usable rocket for the third time, but it will also be the largest part of the mission that will be launched by the US missile.

SpaceX will probably post an update on SSO-A's mission on twitter if a new release date is confirmed and you can keep track of the 30th Space Wing on Facebook for additional weather updates and events after a new date / time has been selected.

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