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Space Launch 2019: Major Rocket Launch and Astronomical Events

When it comes to space events, 2019 will be an extraordinary year.

This does not mean that it will be easy to handle in 2018. Eventually, the SpaceX Debut's world's most powerful launch system (called Falcon Heavy), sent a car out of Mars and helped lift more orbital rockets than any year since 1990.

With a few exceptions, NASA also had a remarkable 12 months: The US Space Agency announced its first commercial astronaut crew, launched a new hunt for Earth's planets, sent a "savage" probe, and came an InSight robot on Mars.

At the same time, China fell to the old cosmic station in the ocean and launched a small moon satellite fleet.

But 2019 will be a do-it-yourself position, which NASA administrator Jim Bridgetin emphasized after NASA's recent Mars landing.

"Right now, NASA, it's more than I do not know how many years earlier," Bridenstine said during the live broadcast. "It's drought, and then all these things are suddenly gone."

Here are some of the biggest events that can be expected from space companies, national space agencies and the night sky next year.

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