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Shohei Ohtani and Ronald Acuña Jr. There are young people

On the day when he learned that he needed a reconstructive elbow operation, temporarily stopping in his dynamic career caricature, Los Angeles Angels Shohei Ohtani turned to his other extraordinary talents. That evening, in early September, against the Texas Rangers, Ohtani went 4 to 4 with two houses going.

This kind of reaction to cruel traumatic messages would have been incomprehensible to almost everyone else who has found their lives. But Ohtani this season showed that he could be a two-way star with skills translated from Japan to the Major League Beisbol, even if his loss limited him to 10 knocks from the castle mound.

I won the American League's New Year Award on Monday, rewarding for becoming the first player since Babe Ruth in 1919 to reach 20 home runs, but also pitching at least 50 cooks. Outfielder Ronald Acuña Jr., whose strength and speed helped Atlanta Braves to a surprise run on the wharf, won the National League Award.

"I never had any doubts about coming here," Ohtani said with the help of the first interpreter. "I felt like I made the right decision from the beginning, and I still feel the same. Of course, wounding is never a good thing, but I was able to fight it and end it with a prize, because it's really a great thing for me," he said.

Ohtani, 24, hit .285 with 22 homers, 61 R.B.I. and 10 bogus He was 4-2 at the castle mound with 3.31 E.R.A. and 11 strikeouts on nine adventures. After Tommy John's surgery on October 1, he said his recovery was good – "maybe even before the schedule," he said, although he does not plan to start in 2019.

Ohtani collected 25 out of 30 first-place votes from members of the Beisbolo Writers' Association in the United States, while the other five went to the Yankees third knot Miguel Andujar. Another Yankees infielder, second baseman Gleyber Torres, ended in a third ballot.

Acuña won with even more profit N.L. with 27 first place votes, easily winning another Outfielder, Juan Soto from Washington Nationals, who had two. Los Angeles Dodgers Walker Buehler was another NL first place vote.

Andujar was the base for a team that earned 100 wins by running all AL rookies games (149), bats (573), runs (83), runs blows (92) and extra-base hits (76), but batting .297 with 27 homers . These numbers could earn the prize for most of the season, but the unusual nature of the Ohtani season may have worked against Andujar, and the lack of protection in the third base was obvious.

Torres was strongly accused of his defense – he took 99th out of 124 defenders – but the rumble was amazed by his overall contribution. Like Andujar, Torres made a big impact with his stick, hitting .271 with 24 homers and 77 R.B.I. Torres got a seat at the All-Star team, although he was not involved in the injury due to a hip injury.

Acunea, who is from Venezuela, became the sixth Braves player who won the prize and for the first time since release Craig Kimbrel 2011. Braves sold Kimbrel before the 2015 season, part of the teardown list, which led to three consecutive seasons at least 90 losses, because the team got a chance for the future.

Acuña, which turns 21 next month, has become the best of the bunch. When Braves completed his first NL The eastern word on September 22 was valid, that the last of the field came to his glove.

"After 20 years I was still in college," said Kurt Suzuki, a catcher late in the regular season. "It's quite unbelievable what he is doing now. Kaisle, energy, talent is undeniable."

Acuna's father, Ronald Sr, spent six seasons in a farmhouse system and one piece with Milwaukee and Toronto. The low-speed Acuña Sr reached the highest level in the AA class, playing nearly 500 games at this level. His son had a much wider range of skills and used the AA class as a step in 2017, which he began in Class A, and ended with the 1st place in the Baseball Americans.

Braves promoted Acuña at the end of April, as teams often delays their time with their elite minors and essentially gain additional years of control over their clubs. Acuña slowly started for minors, but amazed supermarkets with at least two hits in five of his first eight games, everything on the road.

Acuña arrived in Atlanta for his first home game with a .382 average and two home runs. His average was dipped to .248 until May 25, but then he dropped .309, overtaking road injuries and quickly adapting to the main leap in the league.

"What impressed me most about Ronaldo is his ability to learn," said Ender Inchart (Outer). "He has shown that he can mature and learn in the league, and he quickly makes the necessary adjustments."

Acuña reached the 293 season, and while his 26 home runs and 16 stolen bases led to all NL The Rookies, second-place winner, Soto, was slightly better on base plus slugging percent (0.923 to 917). Last month, Soto last month increased last month to 20 last month last month, giving citizens a great deal of influence over long-term outsourcing.

Buehler ended third, after heading for 8-5 with 2.62 earned run average and nearly 10 strikes for nine adventures. Becher finished in the season with seven dazzling Indian games in World Series 3 against Boston, allowing two hits and not just Dodger's victory.

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