Saturday , April 1 2023

Shawn Michaels says he no longer wants to fight


Shawn Michaels took the time to speak Sky Sports Lock Up Podcast at the opening of the new WWE UK activity center. Michaels said during the interview Sky Sports that he no longer wants to fight.

Since the end of 2016, Shawn Michaels has been working as a coach to develop talents in the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida, but he recently requested a transfer from Triple H, which would allow him to coach the new UK expansion. Michaels' first game in eight years took place in November 2018, when he reunited with long-term team partner Triple H to reform D-Generation X and battle The Destiluction Brothers, Kane and Undertaker Crown Jewel. Michaels joked about why he returned and then explained how the time has come for developing stars to pay attention.

"They forced me," Michael said with a fault. "No, it was a really special thing and I tell you I felt it for a while. I'm good with what I've done. Guys here in the UK, it's time to enjoy it and use it."

Michaels would like to say that he no longer wants to fight, and he believes that acting as a performer on him WrestleMania the moment is more satisfying than one of his own. Michael admitted that although he was a tough guy throughout his career, he started just as a kid with a dream and admiration for Ric Flair.

"I don't want to do that anymore, the only thing better than my Wrestlemania moment is watching and helping someone," explained Michaels. "We had our time, we enjoyed it very much, and we know so much about the potential of these men and women. We know they can have the pleasure and we want to pass it on. You can have all the bells and whistles. But you have something emotional, "added Michaels." I let the young athletes not notice one second when I wasn't scared, I wasn't intimidated, I was Mr Tough. I was a child who had a dream and was sitting in a locker thinking of "my goodness". we want them to know all that is good, to let all these guards do and do everything we can. "

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