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Sebastian Giovinco: "I would have agreed to stay in Toronto"

Toronto FC to act headlines on Wednesday evening when they sold former MLS MVP Sebastian Giovinco Saudi club Al-Hilal.

Now new Instagram post outgoing stars indicate that both parties are not sharing in friendly conditions.

"As I have always saved, I hoped to renew my contract and finish my game career in a city that feels like home," wrote Giovinco. “Unfortunately, this is our desire to change with the current TFC management. I have been trying to extend my contract for two years, but management was unwelcome.

“Recently, after refusing to use the club for 2020, I was offered rules that I found unacceptable. They can say that I have left a more profitable deal, but that is not the case. Their offer and lack of transparency are a clear message. It seems that management prefers to focus on other things rather than a pure desire to win.

“After branding and raising TFC's overall reputation both at home and abroad, I don't seem to have a goal anymore. I would have agreed to stay in Toronto for less. So I reluctantly declare that my TFC player has expired. ”

Giovinco retained a one-year contract with Toronto FC at the time of the transfer and is considered to have signed an agreement with Al-Hilal for three years, $ 11.5 million per season.

The 32-year-old man won $ 7.15 million in 2018, and sources said Sportsnet John Molinaro that Giovinco hoped to sign an equivalent value with Toronto, but the club asked him to do less.

The transfer of Giovinco from Serie A to Juventus in 2015 helped create the most successful era in TFC history. He was the star of the TFC club, who went from basement housing to MLS Cup champion and completed his term of office with 73 goals and 57 assists in 125 MLS season seasons and off matches in four seasons.

"Through hard work, passion and determination, my teammates and I transformed TFC and made it one of the best clubs in MLS and North America," Giovinco wrote on Instagram. “This trip has been a great experience for my family and me.

"Without hesitation I can say that I wanted it to end differently."

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