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RuPaul's Drag Race Celebrates Judy Garland or All Star Makeovers

Picture: RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars

For the first time this season, elimination is a real surprise. Manufacturers and editors RuPaul's Drag Race you are sure about each one all Stars 4 eradication is felt organic and earned, and retrospectively, inevitable. RuPaul Best Judy's Race changes. The next episode that motivated Naomi's choice will be revealed and whether Moneta pulled out the same lipstick, but now it seems like the first strategic season to be eliminated, and one of the few spots all season all Stars. It could easily blow up Naomi's face. One of the predecessors is out and, based solely on the report card, she shouldn't be. But this episode that the queen did not give and after the season that was full of what should be eliminated, and when and why, Naomi's strategic choice can eliminate its fans. It's really shocking destruction, and as the season gets home, all bets are now off.


The episode begins with Latrice and the other queens who love Valentine, then checking every report card. The coin talks about the audience when she calls the Trinity and Manila as predecessors. However, if this profit is close, a lot can change in one episode, and it will all come to the next challenge. When the queens arrive in the working room the next day, they are expected with a surprise: all RuPaul's charming shots have been changed by the beloved Hollywood star Judy Garland. As Ru explains, they have reached this season's makeover episode, and this time each of the queens will take over one of their best Jews or best friends. Each duo will honor the late great Judy Garland with the lip sync performance, then go through the runway, showing the queen's work that transforms their Jews into their member families.

Ru's waste never gets to know his Jews, and queens are surprised to see a familiar face and a reminder of home. They jump with excitement and some even tear. Drag the race is a challenging, awful experience. Seeing how the queens interact with their Jews is clear how tired they should be. The camera stays in Monica because she expects Danni, for example, and she sits in this hug, letting her go until she is ready. It is beautiful to see that these queens get a little effort and a moment before returning to the race.

Eyebrows? Who need?
Screenshot: RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars

While the queens get to know their Jews around and get to work, Ru succeeds. First is Monique. Every time she faces the criticism of the judges, Danny commented on Monique's strong face and body language, with some examples of quick editing. Watching Monika, Danni and Ru teasing, is a lot of fun, but then Ru turns to life training. It feels out of place all Starsand, of course, Monika. It works much better with the original recipe Drag the racewhen Ru interacts with greener queens. Things remain bright with Trinity, Monet, and Manila, and Ru comes into a mentor mode with Naomi, whose fears of nonsense are looking back at him for greater risks. After encouraging Naomi to think outside the box, Ru moves to Latrice to be the most emotional interview. Latrice Judy, Tim, is her best husband for her wedding and has been her friend for over 20 years. Their connection is a deep bone and it started already before Latrice went to prison. They both talk emotionally about how they have been to each other over the years, and Ru also surpasses this undoubted support for Dorothy's journey. Oza Land Magician and saving her friends in the poppy field.

In these interviews, Ru's connections to Judy Garland are not exactly elegant, but they are nice additions. It would have been easy to make this episode of Judy's dignity only in the title and limit her presence to some pictures and songs. Instead, the warm love that Garland showed, and the history of the Stonewall unrest, gives an episode and demonstrates respect and understanding of what helped Garland behave in the minds of so many people. Ru speaks to Monique about Garland's vulnerability and how tragic parts of her story are essential to understanding her appeal and status as a one-off icon. The episode gives a brief insight into why so many are related to Dorothy's story of the family found. It would have been great to go even deeper by touching Garland to fight addiction and mental health, but at least we get a few moments. Unfortunately, they are almost completely limited to the first half of the episode, and when the queens go on the runway, this thread is just abandoned.

Michael meets Iowa Luzon
Screenshot: RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars

The next day, the Queen's long-day makeup, costume and filming are in the workspace with her Judith. The Jews are completely on board and play from the jump until Patty is ready to let Moneta shave off her eyebrows. Conversion episodes usually get content from the interaction of the workroom with the queens and their subjects, but because the Jews are such supporters, and because they already know each other, the episode goes through the prep portion pretty quickly. However, manufacturers give a moment when Mikhail and Tim have wonderful reactions when they first see their painted face. Mikhail's feeling that his oatmeal and after a while adapted is Tim. The festive, fun tone embedded when Judys first arrived is fully up to the discussion.

The runway begins with the respect of Queen Judy Garland. Each pair is dressed in the same outfit, allowing editors to split six performances in one order, saving time for a more dramatic similarity runway. In general, the queens work well with their transformation. All the stars came ready – they now know they expect this challenge, and each of them created a look of couples who feel comfortable working. Latrice and Alexis Knight (Tim) are the first. They might look better, and their wigs are a surprisingly different shape and look that doesn't help their family's likeness. Monique and Shanida's heart (Danny) wear a pair of face looks, go camping and more fun than other queens. Manila and Iowa Luzon (Michael) wear unconfigured white, smooth dresses on the club's queen / diamond themes, dressed by Manila correctly. Naomi and Extra Smalls (Ricardo) rock paired Cher looks like Naomi's wig reveals and throws the mustache to become Sonny. Trinity and Indigo the Tuck (Leo) are probably sister sisters of a variety of bright blue and gold episodes.

The heart of Monique and Shanid
Screenshot: RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars

Monets and Naomi are at the top, but Manila and Latrice are at the bottom. Moneta is a challenge, and it could be a strong case that Trinity belongs to him, but it is more interesting that Naomi finally wins. This level slightly aligns the playing field and extracts more questions. The Trinity vote will be clear: Latrice is the worst record, so it will be his voice. However, Naomi and Monét are related to Latrice and Manila from this season, which could potentially cloud things and make TV more convincing. As for the lower part, the Latrice makeover is not the best, and the quest for Manila and Michael is unmatched and thorough. They are far from what Manila wore on other runways and not distant from the other queen's appearance. It is all Stars; costume shop cosplay does not cut it.

The consultation takes a surprisingly long part of the episode. Manila and Latrice are dear friends, but they both know what they have signed up for and want to stay. Although Manila relies on his record, Latrice goes to a social game, asking the queens they want to be in the final, and stressing how badly she wants to be there. Latrice eventually plays it wiser. In lip sync, Naomi's exaggerated, comedic impression on Judy Garland's "Come Rain Or Cine Shine" squeezes Monaco's emotional, reserved approach, and she unlocks Queen Manila. Unlike previous episodes, there is no hand-held narrative to prepare the audience for the best record, and some of the best looks all season to go home. If anything, then the time when Latrice and Tim early pointed to this Latrice swan song. But all that is needed is a one-off week, and you can go home – Manila has said just as much – and she wasn't for the game.

Screenshot: RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars

Manila has been a force throughout the season, and it's a shame to see him end before the finale. Naomi's decision changes the seasonal trajectory and at this point the last four are open. Will the queens continue to pretend to be fair, withdrawing the report card, or will the final cuts be a pure strategy? Much can still happen, and of course RuPaul can very well have one or two deformations that left his shiny, silver skirt.

Misleading observations

  • Frances Bean Cobain is the sunlight on the judges' jury, and Ellen Pompeo is terrific, who in her introductory shots serves a lot of faces and determines the specificity of her runway criticism. Another great guest judge in the season with them.
  • The content of Judy Garland has done a lot to increase this episode, but as warm and nice as it is to see the queens to visit and work with her Jews, the episode remains in the middle. Having a queen makeover for strangers gives a lot of fodder to the conversation and without it is not enough to keep the 90 minute runtime. If manufacturers come back to this idea next time, hopefully they will include a small challenge to start the episode.
  • Favorite Judy pun: Ru, "Toto his better".
  • It is important to highlight the status of the Manila and Mikhail spouses (it has been growing several times). They are not only adorable together, but it is quite rare to see two men truly kissing Drag the racethanks to the show format. It is a wonderful moment of representation, and I will be all about repeating the future if they can find more valid reasons to introduce the Queen's important others.
  • I wish I felt confident when calling Valentine's performance at RENT Live, but unfortunately we really don't see her with a polished, final Angel. Unfortunately!

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