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"RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4" recalls: The star was born

Oevery time RuPaul's Drag the raceThe challenge is not what seems to be. On the surface it looks like a ball or comedy challenge or even a makeover. It looks like this week when RuPaul challenges the rest All Stars 4 queens to beat their best friends – or Drag the race/ queer terminology, their best judges.

The task is a tribute to Judy Garland, complemented by a mini-history lesson on her influence, and a work space transformed with late photographs. Oz Land's Magician icon. But in reality it is not just a matter of respect, not just a transformation. No, this week's challenge is actually about hearing RuPaul's wisdom words and accepting his advice.

RuPaul Credit: Courtesy VH1

As he travels around the workroom to talk to the queens, Ru gives out all kinds of nuggets. Do queens take them? And how does it affect the runway? To break it, let's take the girls one by one and see how well they did it – both makeover and real challenge.

Monique Heart and Shanid's Heart

Conversion of Monique's best friend is a truly smart transformation. She chooses to go with outfits that accentuate their similarity, but not in her youth. Huge eyes on the front of your look and even the middle of the eye runway is a risk that pays off. I do not know if I call it "avant-garde" as Monique does during the runway presentation, but it is different. If I judge, she will be in my top.

However, despite her statements in her talking head that she wanted to share a contest with Ru, Monique clearly disagrees with Ru's psychotropic advice in the workplace. Ru says that Monique's defense capability on the runway somehow rejects her vulnerability or something. It's a lot of words that mean little, and Monique's expression reflects her true feelings. Given that his criticism does not look happy again, I would say that Monique has not successfully implemented Ru's suggestions. As a result, she is firmly in the middle.

Monét X Change and Patty Cash

Monét benefits from receiving the most accurate recommendations, which essentially coincide: do not lose it as you do in the 10th season. Admittedly, Monét's appearance is more polished than last season, but I wouldn't say her best friend conversion Patty is much better than her Tyler Oakley makeover – it's definitely not enough to press her in the top two. Frankly, I am incomprehensible when Ru said this week at Moneta, though I think that the redemption story helps her. From exclusion to champion – this is the story Ru wants to inspire.

I think this is where I would say that the challenge was some Judy Garland tribute it Monel seems to be in the top two. But no. We see all 20 seconds of every act that is almost inadequate to distinguish what did the best. These dancing elements, which contribute to the makeover challenges, always seem like a throw, and I can't imagine that it is really enough to win Monet.

Latrice Royale and Alexis Knight

Latrice is a rare case of destroying Ru's wisdom this week, but running hard on the runway. Latrice's transformation of her friend Tima is in words, and their appearance doesn't work at all. I'll give Latrice a credit to sell the runway to a particularly sharp Michelle Visage, which criticizes criticism this week. Latrice succeeds in defeating Michel, and although she is still in the ground, it softens the shock.

Working in the Latrice workspace, you can truly connect to Ru by sharing a story about how Tim helped her get her life back to prison. It is hearty and sincere, and Ru himself becomes emotional. Latrice's behavior throughout this episode is far superior to her creative outcome, which, frankly, is quite a reflection of Latrice this season in general. Her legend status is more than her job. It's a good career for her, but not all Stars to win.

Manila Luzon and Iyowife Luzon

Unfortunately, Manila can strike every week. She doesn't get the lightest moment of Ru in the workroom to decipher, and Ru emphasizes that Manila and her husband Michael Alvarez are married! Yes. That's pretty much. I don't know how to turn it into gold, but Manila is sure. She really seems to be thrown out of her game by holding Mikhail, which is more disturbed than inspired.

It shows the runway to be open. The judges blew Manila to go out with costumes, because their costumes were inspired (especially Carson Kressley is not satisfied), and Manila's choice for wigs for her and Michael makes them too different. Manila also undertakes to make a cardinal sin of transformation RuPaul's Drag Race: She looks better than her partners.

All this said, Manila opens up on how Michael helped her after the death of Sahara Davenport, and it is painfully beautiful. In this episode, which is full of moments that were meant to draw conscience, it is the one that came to me the most.

Manila Luzon and Michael Alvarez Credit: Courtesy VH1

Naomi Smalls and Extra Smalls

Home run. Naomi absolutely kills it this week. She relies on Ru's advice to make it more relaxed and fun, and provides an incredibly smart Sonny-and-Cher runway. It's a downside to Ru's interest – Judy Garland! Cher! – And so well executed, it's no wonder she takes home her first victory.

Naomi has impressed me in recent weeks. From her "Adrenaline" lip sync to the "Club 96 whisper" icon, she is now on a roller. I still think her winning would be a strange choice, but I'm very much going to drive Naomi.

Trinity the Tuck and Indigo the Tuck

Eh. Trinity is fine. She doesn't get much of a challenge from Ru's work space, and her makeover looks standard but solid. She enjoys the wonderful moments that are smart with her friend. To be honest, the Trinity is out of sight this week outside the talking heads. This makes me think that in the next two episodes we will get a lot more from her.

(From the left) Naomi Smalls, Monique Heart, Monet X Change, Latrice Royale, Trinity The Tuck, Manila Luzon Credit: Courtesy VH1

So Manila and Latrice finish in two lower parts, and Naomi and Monét in the first two. From now on, there is an extremely lighter set of discussions, considering how emotional the last times Latrice was at home. Manila seems to be taking her security on her records. Latrice, on the other hand, is completely campaigning and it is incredibly effective. I myself am much more focused on a fighter than someone based on laurels – and I want Manila to win this contest!

The lip sync song is enough that Judy Garland's "Come Rain or Cine Shine", and Monét is a good umbrella that reveals the gag. On the other hand, Naomi serves for the ultimate fire lip synchronization. She owns all the parts of the stage, moving with the song in perfect rhythm. If her "Adrenaline" is perfect 10, it is undoubtedly super-perfect 11. This is one of my all-time favorite lip synchronization performances, and I can't believe I say that about Naomi Smalls.

She hasn't done that to worry us: Naomi decides to send Manila, eliminating her biggest competition. This season I have criticized the show for burning through my land plot, but I will admit it throws me. Throughout the season, Naomi has heard poetry about her admiration and love for Manila Luzon – the queen she first starred on television almost ten years ago. And now, here's Naomi, removing her inspiration. The student surpasses the teacher.

It's one of the tension rings, and I'd be excited if I didn't have to lose Manila. After years of skepticism, she gave me a fan and she introduced herself to the modern day Drag the race audience in a great way. I'm grieved that she won't be ours All Stars 4 the winner.

But hey, putting sixth all Stars not the worst fate. Just ask Tatiana.

? These transformation tasks work so much better when the queens are emotionally connected to the ones with whom they are connected. It can be as simple as "they work with the show", just like taking over the 9th season movie team, or during the change of sister and mother All Stars 2. Every queen's reaction to today's episode to see her best friend is sincere. While makeover results are not the strongest, I think emotional returns are more than worth it.

Said This means: the segment where the queens "learn" that Judy Garland's death was a spark that illuminates the Stonewall powder barrel is completely insane. Just as these girls really had to prove they didn't know that history was just for that segment? Nuts.

? It's so nice to look at the different reactions to the two biggest trips to Iceland. Moneta is completely exhausted, while Naomi simply says it is "… Gag."

? Ellen Pompeo is really fun as a guest judge. I do not know how great She is at it on a clean technical level, but she really has invested and wants to do well. "Diagnosis: Nausea, dear!" It was just perfect. Frances Bean Cobain was charming but not at the same level.

? Monet: “I'm not a makeup artist. . . "Naomi:" We know. "Perfect.

? “I have the best friend in the world. He has taken off as a truck driver. “Even in emotional moments, Latrice can inspire such pure joy.

? Ru saying, "Toto, she's better!

RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars 4 will return on Friday, February 8, at 20.00 ET to VH1 USA and OUTtv Canada.

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