Wednesday , January 19 2022

Ronda Rousey says when she faces Sasha banks she has her "dream game," wants four Horsewomen stories


Weekend WWE RAW Women's Champion Ronda Rousey shared a video about her YouTube page about Sasha banks, which was discovered as her Royal Rumble opponent. She also commented on her first game WrestleMania 34. So here are some key points:

Sasha Banks are Her Dream Games:

"Everyone always asked me what my dream was, and I always say, Sasha Banks. I think many women are best matched with Sasha. More women in the women's division have the best games with Sasha, I mean more than I have always been true excited about the potential she could come up to this point, I don't think I was ready to a level where I could take full advantage of the opportunity she said she had to match with her. "

Her mark corresponds to Kurt Angle against Triple H and Stephanie McMahon WrestleMania 34:

"I can't believe I had the first game, I had no idea what I was doing. I had to remember and go through every game that was WrestleMania. It seems to me that it was a healthy person, almost you know that it is so crazy. I am completely immersed in this culture and it was like going to another country and learning a new language. It is as if you were just moving to Spain and you are not talking about a Spanish language, and then eight years later you better know how to speak Spanish. "

Thoughts on his 2019 Royal Rumble game with Sasha banks also discuss four Horsewomen:

"I am super excited! I'm really super excited! When I found out Oh, I note I'm very hard, I did it. I was like," Are you not a sign on Sasha, "What I am This is my dream One of the reasons I am very excited to play Sasha is that there are so many things that are very, very small and very, very durable, not very common – there are a few things with Niya What I can do with Niju because she is so much bigger and stronger than me things with Sasha, which I will be able to do with her because athletic and just knows she is a fight.

"I am really excited because I will learn so much. I am just so much better in the ring that I have absorbed everything I can from her. We are both faces, you really don't get to work with each other – I could watch her very much and stay in some tag teams with him and try to absorb things in a way, but it's different, you learn different things by moving with someone.

"I am worried to see what this game will be promoting. I really would like four Horsewomen to participate in the discussion because it has to be addressed, and it has not been so far. All of us and everyone involved have just an exaggeration to say, and I think it's finally time to get it done. "

Rousey also shared his thoughts on last week's episode RAW Orlando. You can watch your entire vlogo in the above video.

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