Saturday , April 17 2021

Riot Games COO Scott Gelb suspended unpaid two months after an internal investigation into maladministration

Riot Games has suspended Chief Operating Officer Scott Gelb for two months without pay after an internal investigation into allegations of maladministration against him, according to an internal email that Riot Games affirmed on ESPN on Thursday.

This message was first reported to Kotaku, who initially received an email.

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Gelb's suspension comes after a number of current and former Riot staff alleged that he repeatedly touched their testicles and created another inappropriate contact comedy effect, the report said. Gelbs, 40, will have to finish an uncertain "workout", Riot said.

The staff was informed about the suspension of Gelbs in an email sent by Nicolo Laurent, Director General of Riot Games, to which Kotaku posted a share, followed by Riot providing Variety with a copy of all email on Thursday.

In this email, Lorentz announced the confidentiality of police officers and company inquiries. It also mentioned the position of Gelbs in the company and the decision of the Special Board of Riot on why Riot acknowledged Gelb's punishment, both internally and publicly. Such and other inquiries into alleged sexual and workplace violations in the Riot case were conducted by the Seychelles based law firm Seyfarth Shaw.

"As part of our ongoing commitment to developing our culture, we are thoroughly exploring all the requirements of our established process," the company announced in a statement sent to ESPN on Thursday. "In the process, outside the legal counsel, an investigation into allegations of Scott Gelb was conducted outside the legal counsel. After a thorough review and evaluation of the findings, the Special Committee of the Border Management Board determined that the two-month unpaid leave, together with the training, was an appropriate response to the allegations that were justified."

August Kotaku reported allegations of violations of sexual and workplace Riot Games and sexism against a number of police officers. Since this report, Riot has released a number of statements that claim to work on problem solving.

After that, the company hired Seifartu Shaw to launch an internal investigation in August, approving Riot Games. In November, the company adopted Harvard Business School professor Frances Frei to improve their diversity and inclusion initiatives. Prior to the uprising, Frei served as Uber Senior Vice President under the leadership, and after being subjected to a fire, he was charged with harassment of sexual and workplace abusive behavior.

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