Friday , January 28 2022

Report: Phillies "Optimistic" They will sign Bryce Harper or Manny Machado


Sunday: Phillies are "Clearly understood" friends to sign Harper, USA Today's Bob Nightengale hears from several sources. On the other hand, the citizens disappear at the celebration, and the team leaders call it a Long shot that he will sign with them. Nightengale reports. Washington is not ready to pay Harper more than $ 25 million a year, according to Nightengale. Meanwhile, Phillies has not yet made a formal offer to Harper, but it should change next week, according to Nightengale.

ON SATURDAY: After an appointment with an eye-to-face meeting in Las Vegas with a free agent outfielder Bryce Harper on Saturday, Phillies "remain optimistic", they will appear from the season that signed her or the free agents infielder Manny Machado, Matt Breen from reports. At least Phillies will be both Harper and Machado finalists, Breen adds.

Fillins arrived in winter with owner John Middleton, declaring that the money would not be the one that would allow a team that had been out for seven consecutive years to improve. And signing either Harper or Machado has always proved to be the clearest way to improve the Phillies list, as the two 26-year-old superstars are easily leading open market players. Given both the financial capability of Phillips and the need for at least one of these players, it is "possible" thanks to Breen's richest offer for both Harper and Machado.

If Phillies can only choose one, it would be Machado, which they "prefer", writes Breen. However, Phillies has “signaled” that they are also interested in Harper, a step that Breens could force Machado to accept from them. In particular, as the Phillies met with Machado in December, they have added one of their loyal employees to the same role as former coach of Oriole Airport Bobby Dickerson. Dickerson, together with the team from 2012 to 1818, was with Orioles. At the same time, the White Sox, who looks like the only team seriously experiencing Machado, was able to help this year by buying a short / third baseman brother. Yonder AlonsoAnd his friend Jon Jay. But if money, not personal ties, ends with the decisive factor where Machado goes, the signs point to Philadelphia. After all, the only known White Sox offer has so far been worth closer to $ 200 million than $ 300 million, and it can accept the proposal closer to the final sum to attract Machado.

Like Machado, Harper has fewer franchises that go after him than expected this season. However, at least four teams – Phillies, White Sox, Nationals and Dodgers – look to work. Citizens with whom Harper has spent his entire career since the first general project in 2010 seem to be particularly strong in derby. Starting this week, Nats reported that they were making an effort to re-sign Harper, to whom they have already expanded at least one offer worth 300MM north. Reports have indicated that Dodger does not want to commit to a long-term commitment, which means that Harper may have to choose between Phillies, White Sox and Nationals if he has the hope of landing a record-breaking contract.

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