Sunday , April 11 2021

Reggie: third-party loopholes in the switching game library associated with the system's detection time

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Switch can be a relatively new system, but again it's Nintendo hardware, which seems to overshadow a large part of the video game industry, as a result of which many developers and publishers did not even recognize the hybrid platform.

After the 2018 gaming prizes, IGN caught up with American President Reggie Fils-Aimé Nintendo to find out why Switch was a member of third parties. According to the man himself, everything depends on the time and fact that people seem to forget that Switch is not even two years old. Most of these disadvantages are due to the fact that the development of some titles was successful before Switch was released:

"Since this industry is working, games have been developed for several years. People forget that Switch is only the second vacation, so many, many games that are just in the launch process were well-designed before they talked with these developers about the Nintendo switch."

Reggie continued to explain how Switch was approaching, while triggering – referring to Mortal Kombat 11 and Crash Team Racing. He also said that now Nintendo has proven itself to be developers and publishers with an increasing installation base:

"Now that we've been on the market for the next two years, now that we've shown how fast we boost the installation base, and doing it globally, it's another product that's important for the product," he said. he said: "Our strength in America, our strength in Asia, our strength in Europe is critically important, which is what empowers developers to make their content available to Switch as soon as possible."

Do you agree with Reggie? Does it all depend on Switch releases and was initially started with some third-party names? Do you think that this is the main reason why specific third-party games made a switch? Tell us further.

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