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Rebel Wilson apologizes for the plum size announcements – National


Rebel Wilson recently expressed uncertainty when she said she was the first woman to celebrate a romantic comedy.

At the time it appears Ellena DeGeneresa's show, Wilson spoke about her role in the film, Is not it romantic?.

"I'm proud to be the first plus girl to be a romantic comedy star," Wilson said.

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Many people took to Twitter to point out to plus-size actresses such as Queen Latifah and Mo & # 39; Nique, who also feature romantic comedies.

"I love @RebelWilson as much as the next girl, but she's not the first plus size woman to spark a romantic comedy. Both Queen Latifah and Mo & # 39; Nique have played romcom executives, "one Twitter user wrote.

"Yes, of course, I know about these films, but it was questionable whether: 1. Technically, these actresses were large when filming these films; or 2. Technically, these films were matched / charged as studio rom-com with the sole director. So there is a slightly gray area " Pitch Perfect actress tweeted.

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Moe Nique responded to Wilson, saying, "Hey, my sweet sister. Please do not let this company delete our talents by giving gray areas and technical capabilities."

She continued, "Take time and learn the history. DO NOT ALLOW IT. I wish you all the best for the EU."

Wilson replied to Moe Nique's articles: "Hi Monique, I never had the intention of deleting some other achievements, and I love you so much and Queen Latifah, I supported all the women of great size and positive positive work that we are doing together. ❤️. "

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Continuing with an unexpected comment, Wilson began blocking people who talked about his comments.

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After blocking a lot of people who tweets Wilson's comments, on Monday, the Australian actress bothered Twitter to apologize.

"After a couple of happy, intense moments, hoping to raise my colleagues plus-sized women, I did not notice that those who climbed me before, such as Moe Nique, Queen Latifah, Melissa McCarthy, Ricki Lake, and probably did not feel dignified against those who climbed up this mountain, many others, "she said. "Using some very compassionate and well thought out answers from other social media, I now understand what I was saying was not only wrong but also incredibly harmful."

She continued: "To be a part of the problem, I hope I helped, it's much harder and hard to recognize."

Wilson continued to say, "I blocked people from tweet because I was suffering from criticism, but these are the people that I really should hear from more, not less. Again, I'm deeply sorry."

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