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Raptors send an unforgettable message by squeezing the Warriors

OAKLAND, CA – They got their money. The Bay Area is a long way to travel, so you can also get the full Golden State Warriors experience.

It was Raptors' last season's regular season's visit, and it's been Torbond's endless nightmare that has been here since 2004.

In the first game between the loudspeaker, which is part of Oracle Arena lovin, the public announcer said that the Golden State is trying to take revenge on the Raptors victory in Toronto last month, when the Kareivji played without Stephan Curie and Draimonda Zaļa.

But they were healthy on Wednesday, making the match between the NBA leading Raptors and twice the time defending champion Warriors as well as it does, even though Toronto played on the back of the second night without Kawhi Leonard, who was sitting in the second straight game with a shade of right hips.

It was reasonable on paper that Raptors would be an easy choice for the whole world while watching ESPN.

Not so fast.

In a competition that proves why sports betting is a terrible idea, short-handed, tired paths, Raptors has absolutely struck the prevailing regular season's team in NBA history, 113-93. They only had 10 points for the Warriors and only 6 points for the Warrior, and Kyle Lowry led Raptors with 23 points and 12 assistants, as all five starters hit double numbers.

A lot of results are expected.

Warriors smashing raptors? Of course. All the excuses in the world were available to them, some of them even had reasons.

Raptors struggle hard to the end but are missing? That could be my promise.

But Toronto, leading almost a wireline, never giving soldiers a luminous flurry and sending their manic lovers until the fourteenth quarter had half the stops to overcome traffic.

Triumphant song "Let Go's Raptors" singer, who echoes in the rapid emptying arena when the horn is sounding?

No, impossible.

But Raptors did it using the 11-0 race to start the fourth quarter to rely on his first 36 minutes of flawless work and open a 26 point break in 8:48. The wars dragged a white flag five minutes left, as head coach Steve Kerr pulled his starter. Only Warrior 24. lost home because they started their champion five years ago – against 123 wins. Amazing

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This victory improved the Toronto record of 23-7 – the best franchise with 30 games – and so far this season has improved the NBA's best story. The fact that the club improved to 7-1 without Leonard and 2-0 against the Warriors (19-10), who took the game as the highest seed in the Western Conference, is a sauce. What else? The Raptors are now 2-0 about what was properly predicted as a monster swing west, because they like holidays on Thursday before they play portling on a Friday night.

Coming closer to Los Angeles Obstacles in the West No. 2, when before the hikes had spun Raptors, almost no doubt the most impressive franchise in history was in history.

"I love Oracle. I like fans here. I love the building," said Lowy. I think that next year they will move to a new building, so it will be neglected, but it's special. This is a great building. The atmosphere is incredible. They have done special things here. But it's just a great building … we lost 13 consecutive, I think as an organization … I think they should have started a new stroke. What else can I say?

The Raptors ran 57-41 by sawing through Warriors as a magician doing a lady box, as they jumped to a 13 point lead to Golden State after the first quarter – the biggest hole Warriors had at the beginning of the game this season at home. They then had to serve with the second unit, as Raptors head coach Nick Nurse chose to slightly draw his turn, giving Lowry and Siak a longer watch on fighting the second unit. The players played for one minute with the Ibac swimmer for one minute and went to half full control of as far as possible against the NBA's fastest violation. They did this in the first half, holding them up to 38.6% of the shootings and only three completely triple what would come next.

Warriors did not give their "A" game, and Raptors punished them for it.

"They have a little bit of everything – sporty wings and big ones that can pick up three and put the ball on the floor," said Carrie. "We know Kyle Lowry is a great player … they were, of course, a better team and they all seemed trustworthy and they played each other very well, and at the end we simply did not."

The only cloud was Jonas Valanciunas's wailing facial injuries, which deformed his right thumb when the green picked up the ball, as a large Lithuanian figured them out. Valancian was agonized, and repetitions showed her thumb at a terrible angle. There was no negative impact on the play, although there were also those who were in the Raptors camp who believed it was a reckless chase from the Green side. Perhaps this will cost Valanciun a considerable amount of time – it's a shame because he was effective in finishing the color of the Warriors, just like he was all season. But the depth of Raptors is something else and they could get good minutes from the little-used Gregg Monroam and will be able to rely on him if Valansjuna is not going to last long.

After a while, Raptors continued to push. Even though the Warriors tried to position themselves fourth-quarter increase, Fred VanVleet snuck to steal Kevin Durant and took their length into the floor layup, tearing the home team's pulse with one of the few sharp games that helped Raptors maintain a healthy 15-point cushion for 12 minutes to play.

But that was what Raptor applied for or not? An opportunity to block the kings in their yard in the house?

Prior to the game, it was worth asking how Raptors would run the Golden State with a full list (less Andrey Iguadala, with a hurt injury she herself), and in particular, Carrie, who returned to the lineup after Warrior's visit to Toronto and immediately resumed illuminating the league, for example , some are.

With 17 games, Carrie spent the NBA's best 30.1 points on average, while taking pictures of innocent 50 percent of the three. Only six players from the depth since the line was introduced in 1979, but at least one game, has hit more than 50 percent and it was three times in the mid-90s, when the line was shortened to 22 feet and 9 inches. No one has done this, even playing an average of three attempts.

Could he be the first large-scale three-point shooter to take half of his attempts?

"Definitely [someone can shoot 50 per cent from three], but you could expect it to be from a boy who is just about to stand there and is wide open and shoot three of them for the game. There guys who have already done it, "said Kerr, the NBA's global leader in three-point precision." Speaking of flying, like Stef, and shooting from a spatula and shooting with a triple amount of training he performs and a battle for half the court At the end of the quarter-finals, it's almost impossible for a year to do so, but I will not do anything with Stef, it's definitely. "

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But Currie never had a chance because he had to mix between 2 and 8 nights and only 12 shots were generally obtained by 10 points. VanVleet took his shirt, and Danny Green walked around him and even gave him time to time to work. Klay Thompson (14 points with 17 shots) also had rumors. It was the elite team's defense against the best attacking weapons.

"We just tried to make them embarrassing," said VanVleet. "They are one of the best teams in the league for the cause and the violation [is as well]so we tried to remove their main guys and make them do things that they were not comfortable doing and try to play according to their tendencies and hold things, and I think we have done a good job after the game's plan.

"Obviously, a lot of this is due to missing shots sometimes. They did not answer some of the discoveries they usually do, but you could expect the aggression and anxiety with which we tried to play with the defense goal [paid off]. "

It was one of the ingredients of the recipe for one of the most likely games that Raptors ever played at Oracle Arena in the last season when Warriors will play here before going to San Francisco.

They close Curie. They closed everyone. They sent a message that was hard to ignore and do not forget.

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