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Profile of Hyundai Kona Electric Chilly Charging

From 12 to 80 percent at 4 degrees C (39.2 F).

Hyundai Kona Electric is located in US showrooms, so it's probably the right time to see how it works fast. Of course, the exact charging profile will vary slightly depending on things such as the specific charger output, ambient temperature, and battery capacity. The video above shows us some information about what to expect from about 20 percent to 80 percent at a specific 50 kW station when it is 4 ° C (39.2 F).

The video is on the YouTube channel EV Puzzle suggest that it may take longer than you would expect if the thing cools down a little. As you can see, the car accepts only energy that is about 37 kW instead of 50 kW. Whether it's a car or a particular charger, it's hard to tell if there's no data. However, it is also worth noting that even this power level drops to 23 kW when the battery reaches 76% full charge.

In any case, the entrepreneur indicates a dilemma that is worth strengthening. Owners have one hour limit for this particular charging station. However, to get a car up to 80 percent, it takes more. There is no real great solution for this, but it is one of those little frustrations that some owners may experience.

Video description:

In this video I document the usual day of ownership of Kona Electric.

Starting with a 45% battery and a range of 125 miles, we have two rides.

The first almost 60 miles back and forth, followed by the second about 45 miles. My first instinct is to add an hour or two to our 7.2kw Zappi charger, adding 40 or 50 miles, which is a nice addition to unexpected circumstances, but with the 20-mile contingent I could just go to it and see how close it is getting charged when I am at home.

I want to see how accurate it is that the GOM is at a lower%, and this is a good example to test it. But with winter driving in very cold wet conditions, perhaps the risk of emptying is not the smartest choice. So I decide to stop the way home to recharge a quick charger, adding an extra 10 miles of emergency while checking how GOM changes.


125 start

57 miles away

The remaining 65 miles (-3 miles) are 21 miles longer

Remaining 38 miles (-6 miles)

Another 12 miles further 28 miles (+2 miles)

(125 – 89.5 = 35.5 expected Vs 28)

Therefore, it seems that in cold conditions, the GOM side can be 10 miles away, although with a slower ride (40 km / h) it is possible to get a few miles, as SOC drops to a very low level.

Rapid fee offers 36 / 37kw from 12% to 76%, where it drops to 23kw to 80%.

The hour provides a fee of 12 to 66%, but up to 80%, it takes 76 to 77 minutes, part of the time given by Hyundai.

According to previous videos and examples provided by other YouTube members, there is no point in why the rate might have increased by 37kw during this fee. In this case, it actually feels like a charger limitation. If not, it doesn't make sense.

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