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Prince Harry Sentebale, who commemorates the World AIDS Day

Meagana Wray

Prince Harry Young people have so many initiatives
and the upcoming campaign in Sentebale puts them in front and center again a
very important reason. World AIDS Day (Dec. 1), Charity Let the Youth Leader
Attorneys take over radio stations in Botswana for frank talk about

The initiative hopes to fend for this generation
against the virus and they will do it through the "Radio" campaign.
Positive "- Five Hours of Young People Talking About the African Epidemic and
inviting young colleagues to join the movement. With Sentebale and
Harry's passion for defending new voices, actors
has the opportunity to openly talk about HIV / AIDS and help stop stigma and
discrimination in the country.

But this is certainly not the first time that a prince, 34, has worked
mobilize efforts to transform the talks across the continent's health
epidemic. Back in 2016, his eldest father was the face of the Stone Age campaign
#FeelNoShame, where he urged people to open their battles. In
video, he said: "To show us
support for children in Lesotho [where Sentebale works] and help cut it
stigma for all those affected by HIV, we turn this World AIDS Day on
a day in which nobody should hear about their secrets. Together we can
tackling HIV-related stigma and giving young people who carry it
they deserve the childhood. Childhood, which many of us consider to be self-evident. "

Prince Harry
and Prince Seeiso of Lesotho this year has set up an organization in 2006 to help secure it
that the most vulnerable children in this country were supported in order to continue and
lead a healthy life. For more than a decade, Princess Diana has devoted much of her time
from his life, focusing on the urgent issue of extreme poverty and
suffering from HIV / AIDS – the reason was also close his mother's heart. He was the first inspirational to put
his energy into the cause of his gap in the year of Lesotho in 2004, and is
since she got a public HIV test in Richmond in Barbados on World AIDS Day in 2008
In 2016 and again to celebrate the National HIV Test Week in 2018.

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