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Priciest cheapest housing market for square feet, from (gasp) downtown Vancouver until (sighing Moncton


Briefing highlights

  • Housing prices per square foot
  • Affordability eroding, study shows
  • Bombardier sells units worth $ 900 million
  • Bombardier to reduce 5000 positions
  • Bombardier sells the trademark of de Havilland
  • Briefly about the markets
  • Sample rally is too early but …
  • What to expect from the Fed
  • Magna's bonus profits
  • Telus, Canadian Tire beat calculations

From the ignition and sigh

If anything underlines how expensive Vancouver has become, the following is true: Eight regional communities rank among the 10 most expensive territories in Canada based on the cost per square foot.

Toronto is also not slouch. Also, Montreal, the second city, rounds the top 10 Century 21 Canada annually.

This is due to Canadian accessibility issues in some centers, especially in Vancouver and Toronto areas, as well as federal and provincial measures aimed at cooling inflated prices.

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Indeed, a new Canadian study today revealed that availability is getting worse in the third quarter.

Here's what from Centras 21 polls on franchising from the beginning of the year to the end of June:

This is due to Canadian accessibility issues in some centers, especially in Vancouver and Toronto areas, as well as federal and provincial measures aimed at cooling inflated prices.

Indeed, a new Canadian study today revealed that availability is getting worse in the third quarter.

Some regional events of the Center:

British Columbia: Metro Vancouver has doubled in price over the past 20 years or quadrupled to $ 681 [price per square foot] This year, from 1942, in Vancouver. "

Alberta: "Alberta's real estate prices have been mild in the last year, and they are seen in most communities, but only slightly rising."

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Prairie: "The price per square meter of house over most Saskatchewan and Manitoba was included last year after two decades of growth, with only Winnipeg this trend, while prices for a single house rose to $ 282 from $ 267 per square foot, while prices for Regina and Saskatoon saw a slight fall. "

Ontario: Prices in Toronto Center last year rose by more than 10 percent and "continue to grow in Ontario home prices, while prices rose and dropped sharply in the suburbs of GTA and other provincial communities."

Eastern Canada. Prices "have grown modestly over the last year, although other parts of Canada are facing more volatile real estate markets."

The National Bank's survey showed that access to 9 of the 10 traceable markets has deteriorated despite falling house prices.

"Thinking housing markets such as Vancouver and Toronto fell significantly in 2018, and house prices even fell in the third quarter, as the combination of mortgage interest rates (fifteen consecutive quarters) and macro-prudential measures," said National Bank Matthieu Arsenau and Kyle Dahms

"Despite lower housing prices, the affordability of housing has not been improved, as wages have fallen in these markets."

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In the fourth quarter, the Montreal and Ottawa regions, which were in a fire situation, suffered "the hardest price favors".

"But for other reasons: house prices rose by 2.1% and 2.5% quarter-on-quarter, respectively," said Mr Arsenau and Mr Dahm.

"These markets do not seem to be influenced by higher interest rates and stricter credit standards, as shown by resale market conditions that are strongly targeted towards sellers."

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Bombardier is restructured

Bombardier Inc. today revealed an aggressive restructuring by selling business units and the famous de Havilland brand and reducing 5,000 jobs.

It said that this movement would help increase revenues by about 10 percent next year by at least $ 18 billion, while "profitability is expected to grow faster".

In particular, The Globe and Mail, Nicolas Van Praet, reports that Bombardier will sell about $ 900 million from net assets.

A Canadian airplane and train manufacturer sells its Q400 turboprop business Viking Air and its private aircraft flight simulator to CAE Inc. With the Q Series program, it is marketed under the de Havilland trademark.

Bombardier also provided quarterly earnings of USD 149 million or USD 4 USD, compared with losses of USD 100 million or USD 4 US dollars in the previous year.

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  • Nicolas Van Praet: Bombardier sells $ 900 million in operating assets, reaching 5,000 jobs

Briefly about the markets

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Markets and average maturities

It's too early to call it the "Santa" rally, but on world markets it probably was similar to the medium-term results.

What to watch today

The US Federal Reserve, due to the mid-term elections, delayed the acceptance of the rate, which was traditionally held on Wednesdays.

This is less important, as the US central bank will not change policy this afternoon.

But markets that are already worried about rising interest rates will spray out the Fed statement.

"The gradual approach of the Federal Consolidation Federation means that interest rates are not rising this month, but the text justifies expectations for the December movement," said Avery Senfeld, Chief Economist at CIBC's global markets.

Some significant revenues include: Autocanada Inc., Bombardier Inc., Brookfield Asset Management Inc., CI Financial Corp., Canadian Tire Corp., Cascades Inc., Hydro One Ltd., Magna International Inc., Martinrea International Inc., Paramount Resources Ltd., Power Corp. and Power Financial Corp., Quebecor Inc., Telus Corp., TMX Group Ltd., Trican Well Service Ltd. and Walt Disney Corp.

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