Monday , February 6 2023

Police try at least four "Fortnite" "sextortion" cases in Montreal


According to the Quebec police force, a serial "sextortionist" is targeting teenagers in the Montreal region through the "Fortnite" game.

Police forces at Richelieu-Saint-Laurent say they are investigating at least four instances when teenagers were scammed online after they were sexually explicit or compromising photos for the user they met using a popular online multiplayer game.

Sgt. Jean-Luc Tremblay told CTV Montreal that in each case the investigation revealed that the predator was using the same tactic.

Scammer create a fake Instagram profile and try to integrate with your friends playing the game.

After communicating, they then offered the victim a code to help them achieve a higher level of play.

But it will turn out to be a tactic to isolate the potential victim by engaging them in private conversations.

Over time, the scammer forced the victims to send photos, shaving their more accurate images and money, threatening to release the photos they had already sent.

In the news release, the police warned teenagers that they would never take part in this kind of blackmail, since the pay does not protect the victims.

The police claim that charging may encourage blackmailers in the future to demand more or just to download photos online no matter what.

Investigators say they have not identified the suspect, adding that the nature of the crime may take some time.

"They are technological crime, so sometimes it can be complicated before we can put it in our hands for someone," said Tremblay. "However, all our efforts are being implemented, all the resources used in the investigation will be used."

According to Tremblay, the victims, all young men in high school, have nothing to do with each other except the game.

The police believe that there may be several victims that have not yet been raised.

With the CTV Montreal Stephane Giroux report

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