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Police charge 28 years of age with a deterioration in sexual violence

The news reported that Taylor is considered a high HIV virus load and that he has not been seeking treatment for several years.

"Due to Taylor's work in sex trade and high-risk lifestyles, detectives from the Edmonton Police Service's Sexual Assault Department find that there may be additional complainants who may have sex with the accused without informing Taylor of his medical history," said the news press

Anthony Lee Taylor, 28, was charged with intensifying sexual abuse on Thursday, November 22, 2018, for failing to disclose a sexual partner that she is HIV positive. The police said Taylor was working on sex trade and published her photo to identify others who may have been ill with the disease.


Taylor is sometimes called a woman and goes through several alians, including Alex, Nikki, Tatiana and / or Tiana, police said.

According to Laura Kegan, director of public affiliation with HIV in Edmonton, the police are allowed to circulate confidential information about people in people in these cases, but according to current laws, but criticized the decision.

"We can not comment on this particular case, but we are convinced that the current Canadian Criminal Code on HIV undetectability is a disproportionate response to the non-disclosure of HIV status," she wrote in an e-mail. "The fact that a very disproportionate response only encourages stigma and discrimination."

"HIV in Edmonton believes in the use of our health systems and Alberta's health services to help reach out to previous partners and not increase the decision of the Edmonton Police Service to release sensitive health information," she wrote.

The police urged anyone who had sex with the accused, without knowing his history, to visit a doctor and call them at the police emergency service.

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