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Pierre McGuire has been honored with the Olympic Gold Medal Kendallu Coyni Schofield

After a spectacular appearance in 2019, the NHL All-Star Skills Challenge Kendall Coyne Schofield debuted as an NHL analyst at NBCSN evening when Pittsburgh Penguin faced Tampa Bay Lightning. But for some reason, analyst Pierre McGuire believed that the Olympic gold medal should become a hockey sport.

WATCH | Pierre McGuire mansplains on Kendall Coyne Schofield:

Things became awkward when NBC hockey analyst Pierre McGuire introduced the debtor to the Olympic gold medal Kendall Coyni Schofield. 0:50

As you can imagine, people in Twitter attacked McGuire's comments and even questioned who should really explain the sport.

Unfortunately, it didn't stop there. When McGuire compared the energy of the game with Canada vs. the US Olympic Games, Schofield said the only difference was that she wore a cage. McGuire continued to make the audience uncomfortable when he replied, "I'll be your cage tonight, like that."

Despite some of the positive successes that took place over the entire weekend, some fans think that the NHL is still a long way to respect women in sport.

WATCH | Kendall Coyne Schofield makes history in the NHL Skill Contest:

In American history, Friday had become the first woman to compete in the NHL Skill Competition, when she raced on ice in a faster skater race. 1:11

Other fans also pointed out the inappropriate way McGuire applied to Schofield to challenge the interview after the challenge.

Schofield was able to break some of the gender barriers on Wednesday evening, but unfortunately, there were some unpleasant and kind moments on the way. However, one NHL team hopes that women will have more opportunities.

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