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Philpott moves to the role of Treasury Board on Monday's cabinet shuffle: sources


OTTAWA – Jane Philpott will be appointed as Treasury Chairperson on Monday morning federal cabinet shuffle, sources say CTV News.

Philtott, a Member of the Parliament of Ontario, is currently the Minister of Local Services, a task created in 2017, as part of efforts to re-establish national relations with indigenous peoples.

Before that, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used Philpott to become a federal health minister when the Liberals first established the government in 2015. Back then she was a youth of federal politics and since then she has been considered a strong performer in the cabinet.

After opening the Treasury Board Chair after a long time, Nova Scotia MP Scott Brison announced on Thursday that he would resign because he would not be re-elected in 2019.

This step will be announced as part of the cabinet shuffle to be held at Rideau Hall on Monday morning. Philpott will assume oversight of federal government and intergovernmental spending as part of the Treasury Council case. This position concerns the management of government departments, which she is already known as Vice-Chair of the High-Level Treasury Board.

Philpott's new appointment will most likely lead to a domino effect at the cabinet level, as Trudeau wants to fill its place with regional representation in mind.

Brison is from Atlantic Canada, and given that it was a liberal sweep of a party with all seats, many have predicted that the deputy from the area will be promoted in the shaking tomorrow.

Filippot's indigenous services focused on delivering programs to First Nations, Inuit, and Métis people, including education, housing and splinters to clean drinking water tips in First Nation communities.

Trudeau last week did not give much insight into the size or volume of the search that would bring "some changes".

Trudeau, along with Governor General Julie Payette, will oversee the latest changes in the ministry magazine at the Rideau Hall on Monday, noon.

Brison's resignation in the Cabinet currently has 34 members, including the Prime Minister.

Until further unexpected deviations, many believe it to be the last shuffle before the next federal election. This means that the line announced on Monday is likely to be a ministerial list that Trudeau wants to use for the 2019 campaign.

Come into the campaign, the government is trying to have strong representatives, such as the Cabinet Ministers from each region of the country, and more in areas that are considered to be the main ways of getting or maintaining support. Until then, these ministers would fulfill the promise and mandate of the 2015 campaign, which Trudeau and the Liberal Party began to fulfill.

Trudeau has rearranged its front end every year since coming to power. The last time was in July, when he increased the size of the cabinet by appointing five new members and rearranging others in the office to answer some of the trouble files.

Appointing his first ministerial shawl, Trudeau insisted on setting gender parity, the balance he was trying to maintain throughout the subsequent cabinet shuffles.

Following a ministerial change on Monday, Trudeau and his cabinet would meet Sherbrooke, Que., Wednesday to Friday, to resume the cabinet before the Lord's Chamber resumes on 28 January.

With files from CTV News Glen McGregor and Michel Boyer

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