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Pete Davidson Slammed For Mocking Ex-Navy SEAL Candidate Who Loses Eyes In Afghanistan


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Although most of the attention paid to the appearance of Pete Davidson's "Weekend Update" on Wednesday night's "Global Saturday", he looked at his comments on former fiance Ariana Grande, his controversy triggered another part of his segment.

In March, the SNL member gave his "first impressions" of the various candidates in the upcoming US Interim elections based solely on their photographs.

Spoiler Warning: None of Davidson's descriptions was particularly flattering, for example, his statement that the Florida Republican Senate candidate, Rick Skot, "looks like someone tried to knock out Bruce Willis from his penis."

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However, there are some who think that Davidson crossed the line when he talked about the Republican congressman Dan Crenshaw, former Navy SEAL, who lost sight in 2012 when he served in Afghanistan.

"This guy is cool, Dan Crenshaw," quipped Davidson, as "Weekend Update" co-starter Michael Che chuckled and jokingly warned: "Come on, man."

Davidson continued: "You might be surprised if he is a candidate for Congress from Texas instead of a pornographic film."

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He added, laughing: "I'm sorry, I know that he lost his eyes in a war or some other. Whatever."

The Davidson segment starts at noon. 4:20 tagged video:

On Sunday, the National Republican Congress Committee issued a statement asking for an apology from Davidson and the show.

"Dropping up your girlfriend is not an excuse to grab a decorated war hero who lost sight of our country," said Jack Pandol, NRCC spokeswoman. "Pete Davidson and NBC should immediately apologize to Dan and millions of veterans and military families who adjust each weekend because they do not come."

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Also, the blasting of Davidson was another candidate for Davidson masqued, New York congressman Pete King – whose 24-year-old comedy described as looking like "like cigars getting into life."

Crenshaw responded to the controversy. He stressed that there was no need to ask for an apology, but the joke was "not original" and "mediocre".

No Davidson, no SNL has yet responded.

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