Thursday , January 27 2022

Perhaps ISIS planned to confuse her food items


According to a report published on Sunday, supporters of the Islamic state have come up with a piece of the disease to kill Kate Middleton – poisoning the grocery store she buys at a supermarket.

Terrorist fanatics have encouraged each other to offend Cambridge's duchess while communicating with the Telegram messaging app. Daily Star.

"We know what she's eating – poisoned," read a single-image headline showing a 37-year-old royal with a shopping cart.

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The location of the stores that were reported to be mom-no-three stores were also shared.

One vile image placed in the app threatened Prince George.

The composite image showed that the Prince, holding his father Prince William's hand, stood with a knife-oriented Islamic militant, headed "The Rise of Kuffara," which means "unbeliever."

The security source said the threat was "very serious".

"It's a disgusting plot because it involves Kate's young children and squeezes her attempt to live a normal life like any mother," says the source.

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Intelligence agents believe that threats are linked to reports sent by Islamic state fanatic Husnain Rashid, who was imprisoned in 2017 to encourage fellow Jihads to address Prince George.

“It's not an exercise championship. These are reports that are exchanged around the world between jihads, which are often erased very quickly, detailing their attack plans. ”

Kate recently surprised buyers at Christmas at The Range in Norfolk. She was also a spotted collection at the Waitrose supermarket, also in Norfolk.

This story first appeared in the New York Post, and it has been re-published here with permission.

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