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Ontario officers arrive in Corner Brook to probe police shooting of Jorden McKay

Members of the Ontario Provincial Police have arrived in Corner Brook to investigate the officer involved in the shooting death of Jorden McKay.

CBC News learned McKay, 27, was the man who was shot and killed by an on-duty member of the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary on Tuesday night.

Friends and family of McKay, who has a criminal record and has had encounters with police before, have been posting tributes to the young man online.

Social media posts suggest McKay was a father to two young children.

"He was energetic, spontaneous and had a huge heart," said cousin Amy Connolly.

"He was creative and loved music. He is enjoying people and talking and being surrounded."

Connolly said McKay was a man who loved his family, and was "really trying hard to better himself but the systems designed to help him often cripple him."

McKay was shot at a rental unit at Carriage Lane. (Cherie Wheeler / CBC)

A spokesperson from the OPP provided some details Thursday, only investigators left Ontario for Newfoundland on Wednesday night, and the investigation is in its preliminary stages.

According to RNC Chief Joe Boland, two on-duty officers arrived at a carriage lane around 11:30 p.m. Tuesday, responding to a criminal complaint.

Court documents list the residence as McKay's home.

McKay had a four-page criminal record, including charges of assault, unlawfully being in a dwelling, and breaches. The most serious incidents were convictions of assault with a weapon.

He was scheduled to appear at the provincial court in Corner Brook on Jan. 7 is a multiple charge.

Court documents show McKay was charged Sunday with assaulting a woman and breaking a court condition. He was also charged in April with assaulting that same woman.

On Thursday afternoon, a friend launches a Go Fund Me campaign to help the family with funeral expenses.

2 officers are on leave

Boland, who did not answer questions from members of the media, has not disclosed what the complaint was, or the circumstances surrounding shooting.

During the investigation, Boland said a confrontation began between the officers and McKay, and one of the officers drew his weapon.

A man was shot and killed after the RNC were called to Corner Brook home on what they say was a criminal complaint in the early hours of Wednesday morning. 0:28

McKay died an hour later in hospital.

The two officers involved have been placed on leave and will be assigned to administrative duties when they return to work while investigations are ongoing.

Boland emphasized at the news conference Wednesday that putting an officer on a vacation does not speak to any possible wrongdoing.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, meanwhile, will conduct an independent, external review of the OPP's investigation, once that concludes.

An autopsy was expected to begin in St. John's on Thursday.

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