Monday , April 19 2021

Ok, here is one thing Fallout 76 that was fixed, but I would have been broken

Return to human power

Fallout 76 just can not win. It began as a strangely distant and lonely bird. Bethesda tries to fix it, but players discovered that the weekly patch notes actually issued a ton of significant changes that made the game heavier. So this week Bethesda sent out a patch of notes that was really exhaustive and people found something that they never even knew was broken.

Fallout 76 is Feed the People, in which players gather at Mama Dolce's Food Processing to defend the machine from attackers in order to distribute rational areas. Upon successful completion of the event, each server player is given five meat canisters. That was a manifest error. After today's update, only those who participated in the event received the blend.

Given the subject of "Human Feed", everyone believes that it is always working properly. Some people work hard to ensure everyone's friendly thematic unity. The title of the event shows that it is altruistic. Not only Fall out does not bind the humiliation of communism. This logic is related to this truly capitalist thrill.

People say Bethesda did not justify this change. One commentator on Fallout 76 Subreddit has collected more upvotes asking for a return than Bethesda has announced patch notes. Or, as another commentator, it is said that "Lol, find out the dynamics of the most interesting quest [a] error. "

Fallout 76 Patch Notes – December 11, 2018 [reddit via Kotaku]

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