Thursday , March 4 2021

NickMercs responds to a "Ninja" who wants "help-assist" from Fortnite

100 Theft is deleted by Nick & # 39; NICKMERCS & # 39; Colchef has responded to Tyler & # 39; Ninja & # 39; Blevins invites you to remove Fortnite Battle Royale controllers from the target.

Ninja played solo games in a popular royal franchise when he was shot dead by a player close to a gray explosive gun.

When checking his flow, Blevin discovered that the player used the controller and stated that he did not feel part of the game on his computer.

"Controller's auto-goal dude. I totally disagree with it, I do not think it should be in the game. If you connect a control unit to a personal computer, have fun, the target assistant should not be."

Ninja believes that the purpose of the aid should be removed to make it harder for gamers using the Fortnite controller software.

NICKMERCS, who regularly plays with the controller, disagreed with the feel of Ninja, pointing out: "Everyone who has the brain – they know that controllers are in great disadvantage when it comes to the Fortnite game.

"If you, guys, think that we are now in favor of targeted assistance and changes to the recent buildings? I do not know, I do not understand you guys."

Colcheff believes that if Ninja were to compete in the Fortnite Esporta show, he could change his mind by saying, "There is no violation [Ninja], he does not participate in any of the big tournaments. Maybe he should play a few tournaments and find out who it is, because it's just not the same.

"As these pro PC players move and how fast they can do things, there's just so much that we can ever do it to cope with it," concluded American.

Although NICKMERCS feels that he is at a disadvantage when using the controller, his incredible skill with the periphery always picks him up in tournaments in a very big place, while the 100 Falun Giants fell into the ninth fall skirmish.

At Epic Games, there is currently no official plan to help release players who use the controller on a personal computer, so fans of Fortnite can easily relax, knowing that they do not need to move to the keyboard and the mouse.

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