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NHS articles suggested by the NHS to drop out of its prescription list to save £ 68m per year

The NHS offers to stop the eight-course recipes in England to save 68 million each year.

The NHS New Counseling Paper includes eight products that are considered relatively low clinical efficacy in order to obtain cheaper options or are considered "low priority" funding.

Among them are silk clothing for patients with eczema, of which the health service spends more than £ 1.2 million annually.

Other things include some acne, blood pressure, heart rhythm disturbance and bath and shower soothing treatments.

NHS officials have been advised in advance about removing other items from the prescription list, saving healthcare services more than £ 200m every year.

NHS England called for the elimination of 18 "low-value items" such as homeopathy and drug availability at a lower cost, such as paracetamol and cough mixtures.

NHS Recipe

This is after doctors have been given new directions for gluten-free recipes.

While patients can still get bread and non-stick baking mixtures according to NHS recipes, they can no longer claim other foods like pizza, cakes and biscuits, says NHS England.

Officials added that the NHS began to finance gluten-free foods at the end of the nineties when their availability was limited, but supermarkets now have a wide range of food products.

"The NHS is one of the most effective healthcare services in the world, but as part of a long-term NHS plan, we are committed to increasing taxpayers' money and saving back on care," said NHS England's Executive Director, Simon Stevens.

"It is important that the NHS does not pay for anything that has proven ineffective or where there are safer or cheaper alternatives."

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