Monday , October 18 2021

News Roundup: The Ford Round Ranger produces surge to match demand


Welcome to our weekend when the biggest robbery stories about last week. Get and get ready for the weekend, because it's hard to get in the digital traffic jam.

Here's what you didn't answer while you were away.

Ranger sells so well, Ford will be more

2019 Ford Ranger

2019 Ford Ranger

Derek McNaughton

Ford Received a … more than 300 000 online tsunami surveys for the new compact ranger and it will set production overdrive to continue.

"The demand will be so strong that, starting in February, just a few days from our Wayne Assembly plant, where this product is produced, will come to mass overtime," said North American Operations President Kumar Galhotra. "It's a fantastic news."

It is a good time to find a truck construction business. Speaking of sedans, let's just say that Ford has almost completely changed Focus …

Model X video of a driver lying on autopilot, which proves that mankind is not yet ready for technology

Tesla Sleeper News Roundup: Ford kicks Ranger produces overdrive to meet demand "width =" 300 "height =" 194

So it is now. We seem to write every other week some diapers lurk behind the Tesla wheel. Wake up, dudes! Literally and metaphorically, because it is dangerous to you and everyone else.

But if it's not entertaining! The driver sent a video of a man who went to sunset on Los Angeles Jalopnik. In this case, what happened in Vegas remained in Vegas, although we do not yet know whether a person is caught.

Chevy's eCOPO Camaro now has pop-up wheels on sliding strips, without big deals

2018 sema chevrolet ecopo concept 028 News Roundup: Ford kicks Ranger produces overdrive to meet demand

The ECOPO Camaro concept offers an electrified view of train movement, an electric motor and GM's first 800-volt battery that replaces the gas engine, allowing 9-second miles.

Chevy took the electric eCOPO Camaro to the Arizona tow strap and lifted some eyebrows along with the front end as it ran the wheel for the first time. After a few more steps, with corrections and fees to keep it in full, the 800 horsepower Camaro ran 10.03.

The future of EV pulling can look much the same, but it's much quieter.

See Ford Ranger trailers 20 campers at this U.K. in advertising

Hey, if you've got it, offend it. That's what Ford U.K did on behalf of the 2019 Ranger, combining 20 camping trailers one after another and attaching a 20-ton caravan to one of the compact trucks.

Behind the wheel stuntman it was called the "slowest trick" [he’s] Just do the brakes. Now! Currently, Ranger sells its segment in Europe.

Rumor mills were wrong: Toyota GT86 and Subaru BRZ are not and Axis

2018 Subaru BRZ S

2018 Subaru BRZ S

Chris Balcerak /


A little good old-fashioned fake news is sent to fantastic sports car fans when a car tabloid announced that Toyota and Subaru could end their partnership by making GT86 and BRZ couples.

This, according to Subaru and Toyota, is simply not true. In fact, companies have approved it the second generation iterations of both vehicles are currently under development.

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