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News – early Saturday morning? Look at seeing the space station!

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Friday 9 November 2018, at noon. 17.46 – Hey, south of Ontario! If you are early in the morning on Saturday, turn your eyes down, as one of the best opportunities to see the International Space Station fly with a touch!

There are many cool things to see in the previous sky – planets, stars, comets, meteor showers and even Milky Way – but there is something that can be said about searching and seeing
something we put it!

Saturday, November 10th, for viewers starting on Sundays in the south of Ontario, this is a great time to experience it, as the International Space Station is flying.

They will appear around the north-western horizon around 6:07 AM. ET, it will be visible from four to six minutes, depending on where you are, as they go overhead, and then disappear outside the southeast horizon.


The International Space Station has a very different shape. Astronauts attending the station see it in full glory.

International Space Station, seen from Space Shuttle Atlantis in 2010. Credit: NASA

When viewed through a telescope, observers often compare it to a TIE fighter from Star Wars.

Looking at the fact that one of these flying planes runs above the head without a telescope, the station will simply appear as a small, bright circle of light circling smoothly in the sky, as shown in the animation below. .

This animation shows what space station looks from the ground with an unclenched eye. The animation is about two or three times normal, and the brightness reflects the conditions in a clear, dark sky, far from light pollution sources. Credit: Stellarium / Scott Sutherland

Who will see it best?

This overflown of space stations will be centered around the Gulf of Georgia, Peterborough and Trenton. So, in these places it goes straight above the head and it will be the brightest.

ISS Road from 10 November 2019 from 6:09 am to noon 6:15 ET, as it crosses Ontario in the south. The red circle is an ISS path. The green line and the blue hatches mark the SKS direct camera field of view. Credit:

However, the station will be visible hundreds of kilometers on both sides of this line.

Each observer from the red or western boundary from the aforementioned animation will continue to appear in the northwest and will disappear to the southeast, but will call a curve along the north-eastern part of the sky, and then the observer is on the line, the more the northeaster curve will skew. On the other hand, if someone is on the east or northwest of the line, the observer will see the station trace the curve to the southwest.

Space station tracks, as shown in the application of the ISS Detector, for Android devices. Credit: ISS Detector / Scott Sutherland

However, the reason why these examples only apply to Windsor, Toronto and Belleville is due to the major factor determining whether an observer sees the station on a Saturday morning weather.

Will there be a clear sky?

Like any sky-breaking or star-taking event, Cloud Covering is probably the most important factor we should take into account.

According to a Friday afternoon cloud forecast, the early morning of Saturday morning shows that there will be a clear spot after several days of the last Friday in several areas of Southwest Ontario, Greater Toronto and Ontario's eastern northern areas.

Exact cloud locations can develop overnight, however, as this time system is oriented to the east. So check your local forecast before you go out to make sure you have a clear sky!

Want to see what the ISS sees when it passes through Ontario? Check out live viewports from space station cameras
NASA website.

NASA | |

Space shuttle with ESA ATV-5 cargo spacecraft is friendly to Julian Harrod
European Space Agency. To create this final image, there are several separate images that show the station and cargo ship at many points along their paths, right away. Thus they appear as long streaks, and not just stars between the stars.

Watch below: you need to look at this wonderful view from the air of the beach from the space station

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