Friday , October 22 2021

New Identity: Montreal Alouettes Unveils New Logo, Uniforms


MONTREAL – Montreal Alouettes New Age was unveiled on Friday night.

Along with its new identity, MontreALS, the team's new logo and costume were unveiled at the Société des arts technology, which brought together players, graduates, staff members, fans and Alouettes partners as well as public figures.

“The implementation of this step is much wider than exaggeration; we have defined the identity of the entire organization, ”said Patrick Boivin, President and CEO of Alouettes. “This new identity can be summarized in one name: MontreALS. We came to the conclusion that our DNA still reflects Montreal's DNA. We want to better connect with Montrealer in various areas that determine our city, such as music, gastronomy, fashion and culture. ”

This opening is the result of a complete work that began in the 2017 Alouettes Training Camp with the brand design agency GRDN.

"In this process, we met hundreds of people: players, graduates, employees, fans, and partners," said GRDN's creativity director Sébastien Boulanger. "It was important for us to follow the rich traditions of Alouettes, while making this new identity more relevant and better aligned with Montreal."

While MontreALS represents what Alouettes is, the Toujours Game slogan that came out in the 2018 season is a state of mind for the organization. Like Montreal, Alouettes is a proud, passionate and durable team with guts. This motto was created by VICE, which was called by Sébastien Boulanger to illustrate with the correct words the concept that defines Alouettes' identity.

"When we did research to understand the identity of Alouettes, we identified parallels between the organization and Montrealers," said Paul Labonté, VICE Creation Manager. “Whether they are players, fans, Montrealers, past and present generations, or young people, it is durable, passionate and open to living in Montreal. Toujours The game is the way of life that consists of being prepared to get in and to deal with disasters in summer or winter. It's DNA alouettes and it only exists here. ”

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