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NDP retains its strength as Sheila Malcolmson acquires Nanaimo

BC NAP has held its place in Nanaimo, and its narrow leader has won the legislature on Wednesday evening.

Former Member Sheila Malcolmson got a seat with a comfortable margin and 10,538 votes with 49.22% of the vote.

"Obviously, governments usually do not win," Prime Minister John Horgan said an exhilarating crowd, noting the historical tendency that keeps opposition parties on a regular basis.

"But with the work of Sheila Caliber candidates and people in this room and all over the city, we have returned Nanaimo's new democrat, the project continues, the government is on its way."

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“We have a lot to do. We are making housing affordable, we are expanding childcare. We receive an urgent primary care center, more doctors for people, ”said Malcolmson.

“We stand and protect the coast, we defend against the risk of expanded oil tankers. We protect you from oil spills and we protect jobs.

“We will ensure that prosperity is shared. We have the highest work records, we currently have the strongest economy in the country, but we need to make sure that it is common to all, this is our main directive. ”

Malcolmson came out over BC Liberal candidate Tony Harris, who ruled 8665 votes, representing 40.47% of the vote.

Harris said he had made a decision with peace and would continue to fight for Nanaimo's interests.

"I would jump to this race because I wanted to ensure that this selection was Nanaimo, and the rest of the parties made it a provincial issue, and I was focused on being a Nanaimo campaign that raised our city profile. We talked about planned, forward-looking ideas, whether it was health care or university or port, ”he said.

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"These are things we should fight for."

Despite the fact that the result of the third party was favorable for the Liberals' position in the 2017 elections, despite the fact that they were unable to win in this place, they managed only 32.5% of the vote.

BC The Greens completed only seven percent of the vote, which was a huge disappointment for the party who hoped to compete as equal in the race.

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The side effect was the most anticipated B.C. in the history of the provincial government.

Winning the place, NAP now has 41 seats in the provincial legislature. With the support of the Green, it is expected that the government will be able to continue to express its convictions and legislation.

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NAP Leonard Krog was previously a seat. After the Nanaimo May race took place in October, the Pub went away.

Malcolmson said most of the doors heard that voters were pleased with what the NAP government was doing, especially when it comes to investment in access and healthcare.

"People here are focused on local issues," said Malcolmson.

“I have been very focused on continuing what the NAP has done for the province.

“At the door, people are worried about bread and butter. People have a lot of stories about parents who are being treated badly, overpopulated, people who are in emergency services, and we have been able to miss it. ”

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One of the other factors associated with selection is the publication of the Shoulder Report.

The Liberals of BC were more closely related to the scandal than the NAP, because the Pleca report mentioned the meeting that Craig James, a civil servant, assumed with high-level liberals.

"The more we learn about the right to liberty under the Liberals, the more I hear from people how disgusting they are, as they do," said Malcolmson.

Malcolmson will be officially sworn as an MLA after the election results are certified.

It is expected that she will be in the legislature until the speech from Throne is read on 12 February.

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